Easter Spider

Most people have Easter bunnies, we have Easter Spiders. This little jumping spider hopped onto the counter and looked at me with its adorable puppy dog eyes while I was doing the dishes this morning. Speaking of puppy dogs, a dog adopted Tristan and David. His name is Avid. He’s really a sweet puppy. One of their neighbors had adopted him, but he wasn’t working out for them. Avid sensed something was up, so he jumped the fence and sought out Tristan. It’s interesting how animals often know who to go to when they need help.

When I went out at 3:30 am to turn in the irrigation water, the moon was beautiful — it sat in the heavens occasionally peaking through the clouds as they passed under it. While I was on the ditch bank, the clouds opened up for a minute allowing me to capture the scene. It was a good sign, as I finally got enough water to cover all the areas we irrigate.