Double Delight

Double Delight produced an amazingly nice rose for a first bloom. A bumblebee came buzzing around the irises while I was out photographing them — the first bumblebee I’ve seen this year.  Puck was up on the roof spying on us through the leaves while we were walking the garden this afternoon.

We got quite a bit done today. After I got the drippers started first thing this morning, I loaded the truck with half of the aluminum roofing I took off the house on the other end of the property a few weeks ago, and took it to the scrap metal yard. I dropped by Lowe’s on the way home and got supplies to repair the fence and finish setting up the swamp cooler. I got the swamp cooler overhauled, repaired the fence, cut a bunch of dead canes out of the rose bushes, tied back and staked up some of the out-of-control roses around the deck, and trimmed the trumpet vine along the walk.  Laurie weeded some of the rose beds, driveway and parking area.

3 thoughts on “Double Delight

  1. You guys really did get a lot done today!
    And that is one of the nicest Double Delight’s I have seen anywhere or any time. Did you cut it to bring the fragrance into the house?

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