More Moon Madness

A clear dawn

The Rio Grande and Sandias at sunset last night.

The Rio Grande reflecting

Odd flower out. Echinacea in Brown-Eyed Susans

The moon on the left was taken with my iPhone through a telescope* at 11:00 pm last night. The moon on the right was taken with the Bazooka at 6:00 am this morning. Click on the photos to see the details.

An attempt to get Jupiter and its moons through a telescope with the iPhone*. It came out nicely abstract.

On the left are Jupiter and its moons taken at 11:30 pm last night. On the right are Jupiter and its moons taken at 6:00 am this morning. Both photos were taken with the Bazooka.

Jupiter taken with the Bazooka at 11:30 pm last night. You can almost see the patterns in Jupiter’s clouds.

Jupiter and the moon at 6:00 am this morning.

Saturn is at its peak opposition to the sun tonight. However, a storm rolled in, and the sky is overcast, so I am going to have to strike photographing Saturn tonight.

*I held my iPhone lenses to the eyepiece on the telescope. It’s difficult to align the correct lens and get a really good photo with three lenses on the iPhone. The moon came out pretty well. Jupiter was another matter.

49 thoughts on “More Moon Madness

    • Thanks, einfachtilda. It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone. That is one of my best lightning shots.

  1. I am stunned and rendered speechless, Tim. These shots are stunning and I love that you were able to align your iPhone with the telescope. So cool. I adore the abstract!

    • Thanks, Dale. I have phone holder the clips to the eye piece, but it doesn’t work with the three lenses. So I had to hand align the phone and get quick shots like the lightning.

    • Thanks, Dawn. It was clear on Friday and Saturday night, so I was able to work on more moon and planet shots. Although, even though Saturn is close and bright, between the stuff in the air and light pollution I couldn’t get good shots of Saturn.

  2. I agree, that lightning photo is spectacular! The iPhone photo was pretty good in spite of alignment issues. The mountains and river at sunset are always pleasing to see, and I like the lone cone flower amid the Brown-Eyed Susans. That abstract looks like a bird head and beak from an angle.

    We’ve had good moon viewing weather here.

  3. So it seems you are becoming one who is hooked on astronomy. Very very cool shots and I do not know how you managed to align by hand your lenses. I didn’t know cellphones come with lenses. I learn something every day! And that lightning shot …. WOW!!

    • Thanks, AmyRose. I’m always photographing the sky these days. That’s one of the most interesting things in my limited travels these days. My ne iPhone has three lenses on it: normal, wide-angle and telephoto to 3x before it goes to digital zoom.

  4. Looks like the sky cracked in that last shot ha! Gonna be weird if we find out all we are is an entire ecosystem inside one chicken egg.. resting in an array of gym lockers if you get the movie reference.

    • We are all cracked up. I;m not sure of the movie. I’m pretty dense when it comes to movie references. Thanks, Brian

  5. Love the abstract pic of Jupiter!
    The lightning is enlightening! Great shot. You work hard to live where you live & take these fab phots. Thank you, Tim!

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