Bunny Log

Hare date 8-15 in the blessed year of our mother goddess Freyja two-thousand twenty-two. The human who walks around shooting everyone with a Bazooka was trying to irrigate. After the water that came flooding in, and forced me out of my culvert, stopped, the bazooka-wielding Paparazzo walked out to the Acequia Madre and discovered the water had stopped running in the mother ditch. Word had it that the giant diesel pumps up north that fill the Acequia Madre from the Rio Grande went south, so now il Paparazzo has to finish irrigating in the wee hours of the morning under the crescent smile of Máni.

¡Adios muchachos y muchachas!

38 thoughts on “Bunny Log

  1. You can never sit on your butt and relax, can you? There is always something that needs doing!
    Course, that means we get treated to all sorts of images… all of them wonderful.
    Hope you fixed your problemo.

    • Ha. El mayor duomo texted me at 1:00 pm that there was water. So I left work, drove home and started the water. Then it stopped. I assume they got the pumps running again, because he said I can irrigate starting at 5:30 am. ¡Cuando el mayor duomo dice que hay agua te mueves! Gracias, Dale.

  2. What a cute bunny. A funny metaphor for being on the chopping block ha. Sorry to hear about the pump issues. Don’t let the creature from the Rio Lagoon get you while out there in the early morning.

  3. Good grief! If it’s not one thing it’s another.
    You are one hard working Tim!!!

    Beautiful bunny! I want to hug it and kiss it!

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