Snow Came and Went

Black and white of snow under dawn’s dark light turns to snow black and white under a dark street light.

Cranes fly into darkness in the sun’s waning light.

Clouds break up over the Rio Grande and the snow-covered Sandias.

Mama Owl and Daddy Owl perched in a different tree.

Crows fly in the final light of dusk.

The pTerodactyl reflects in the darkness.

49 thoughts on “Snow Came and Went

    • Thanks, Harry. Snow where it’s not common takes out the power. Looks like wind and snow in you photo.

  1. Amazing, the deepening impression of the curved tire marks with the tree in the background but even significant … and the owls, attentive but peaceful, these two images are most “speaking” to me this time.

  2. Those tire tracks curves are perfect. Seems that even the drivers are artists over there!!!
    Mama and Daddy Owl have so much to observe and admire. Sandias steal the show [the painter’s favorite spot!]. Happy Wednesday, my friend. Our snow is also melting away.

    • Funny you should notice the artsiness of the tire marks, which are a self portrait of an artist as an old man who parked his car. I started with the tree photo taken at the house followed by the tire tracks taken in the parking lot downtown, and noticed they looked great together as I was putting the post together. I put the two photos together and added them as one photo in the post. So its two photos in one taken 40 minutes and 17 miles apart.

      The owls were in a tree closer to where they have nested in the past. Thanks, Marina.

  3. These are all gorgeous, Tim! But that top photo? It looks like something I’d see in a museum photography exhibit or in an exquisite coffee table book. Simply stunning composition.

    • Thank you so much, Mary Jo. Resa will be happy that her tree is calling to you. The two photos getting together were like getting peanut butter on your chocolate and finding out they go very well together. The two photos fit so well together it was a simple as putting on under the other after I started posting the two one after the other.

    • Thanks, Teagan. Most of our snow is gone. There were snow flurries this afternoon, but nothing significant. It’s supposed to be sunny the rest of the week and next week.

  4. Here I am, fed-up, lock-down until at the earliest, March 15th, and it’s started to rain…
    Perfect timing to see these great photographicalisations. Cheered me up! Merci, Mon Ami!

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