Sunset for Leo

Leo was a cat everyone would like to have had, and he was a cat for everyone. Sadly, Leo passed on today at the age of 14. The last couple of years he had to deal with a hyperthyroid, and Tristan did a very good job of diagnosing his condition and treating him with drugs prescribed by our vet. But like our Najar and Lola before him, Leo finally succumbed to his chronic condition. But his first 12 years were full of fun and vitality. Not only was Leo a super-loving kitty, he always had something to say about most everything. You can check out this post from 2012 called Leo Sez: We all loved Leo so much. We miss him greatly.

Leo puzzled over why on earth Tristan would take a shower and get all wet. Doesn’t she know to go outside, roll in the dirt and then lick herself clean?

Leo tested out the security of the door into the common area between the bedrooms.

Leo the lover boy.

Leo would listen…

Give you cute eyes…

…and then tell you what he thought about it.

Leo loved to play. Even when he was not feeling well he would not turn down a good round of play.