Top of The Tangle heart pTerodactyl Tommee Towhee morning To ya

“What’s that title? Alliteration on steroids?”

“Hey! Paparazzo! Incoming!”

“There’s the Tangle Heart Tree.”

“Here goes. Geronimo!”

Tree got in the way.

Nice landing. “Thanks!”

pTerodactyl on the Tangle Heart Tree.

Is that a branch or are you happy to see me?

“It’s a branch, Paparazzo. Get your mind out of the drainage ditch!”

“Oops! Don’t mind me. Just flying by.”

Tommee Towhee was hopping from branch to branch having Russian olives for breakfast.

A quarter moon with Swiss crater-style cheese, please. 25.4% waning crescent February 6, 2021.