Top of The Tangle heart pTerodactyl Tommee Towhee morning To ya

“What’s that title? Alliteration on steroids?”

“Hey! Paparazzo! Incoming!”

“There’s the Tangle Heart Tree.”

“Here goes. Geronimo!”

Tree got in the way.

Nice landing. “Thanks!”

pTerodactyl on the Tangle Heart Tree.

Is that a branch or are you happy to see me?

“It’s a branch, Paparazzo. Get your mind out of the drainage ditch!”

“Oops! Don’t mind me. Just flying by.”

Tommee Towhee was hopping from branch to branch having Russian olives for breakfast.

A quarter moon with Swiss crater-style cheese, please. 25.4% waning crescent February 6, 2021.

48 thoughts on “Top of The Tangle heart pTerodactyl Tommee Towhee morning To ya

  1. The shot of the Tommee Towhees, made me go back and take a look at your January 24th shots of them, Tim. So much these little beauties impress me. Cheers.

  2. Beautiful collection of birds.
    Funny to see the moon at the end…
    …makes me thing what would happen if they would fly all the way to the moon.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. I’m very happy you noticed the humor and commented on it. The moon is slow crescenting its way down to a new moon.

  3. I enjoyed the birds very much! We have a lot of towhees here. Mainly towhees, juncos and small sparrow types at the moment. I set up a bird feeder by the back window so the cats can watch from their perch.

    Thanks for the moon views It’s been a bit cloudy at night.

    • We have Roadrunners that are Velocorapters. The kitties don’t think of them selves as dinorsaurs.

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