Splash Landing

Splash landing at dusk

“Non che male! Almost as good as ‘Diving @ Dusk’!”

35.1% waning crescent moon 6:15 am February 5, 2021.

55 thoughts on “Splash Landing

  1. The splash landing is a great photo! Colorful clouds, dashing owls and closeup moon, too. The detail and pattern on the owls’ feathers is really striking.

    The moon is a shrinking mistress tonight.

    • Hi Julie. The moon can be difficult to focus on because it’s so bright. I use the edges of the moon to get a focus.

      Full moons are especially difficult to focus on because the edges of a full moon are also luminescent and not very crisp to the camera like the edges on a waxing or waning moon. So the camera doesn’t see anything to focus on. You are using a mirrorless camera, I believe, and I have found the mirrorless focusing systems to be more challenged on bright objects.

      You also need to use manual exposure settings. The moon is reflecting sunlight so the exposure needs to be daylight settings. I usually go for a lower f stop and faster shutter speeds. For example, on a fairly full moon I use ISO 100, ʒ/6.3, and 1/500 of a second or faster shutter speed.

      On crescent moons I’ll use a higher ISO, 320 to 400 or higher, depending on what I want to capture. If you want to get the circle of the moon in the shadow of a crescent moon, then you need higher ISO, lower shutter speeds, and you have to allow the crescent to be white with little or no detail. You should bracket and check your exposures and focus to get what you like.

      If you use a tripod, remember to turn off image stabilization.

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