The Vigil Begins

Daddy owl was by himself this morning.

When I went out this evening, Daddy Owl was still alone. I heard another owl hoot not too far away, but I could not see it. Daddy owl hooted back and then flew to a tree a few hundred feet or so from where he was perched. He answered another hoot and flew over to the hole in the tree where the nest has been. He looked down into the hole hooted, looked at me, looked back into the hole, looked up behind him, and then flew off. I assume Mama Owl has started sitting on her nest in the tree, but if she is in the hole, she is laying low so I couldn’t see her.

He was still by himself this evening answering hoots.

The hole where the nest is looked empty.

After answering hoots, he flew to a tree a little south of where Mama Owl has nested in the past.

He flew over to where Mama Owl nests, looked into the hole, and hooted.

Looked at the paparazzo.

Looked in the hole again.

Checked out what was behind him before he flew off.