53 thoughts on “Suffering Succotash, Birds!

  1. You gave us a feast of photos there, Tim, thanks.
    “Succotash!” I’ve not heard that word for years, I’ll have to sneak it into my Inchcock’s Today!
    My father used it a lot, it was much used locally as I recall. Especially by an old lady I used to go shopping for, I can still hear her using it when she got the change back. Hahaha! Mrs Duke her name, had a club foot. You got me reminiscing again… Lovely lady.
    Cheers, sorry to waffle.

  2. I’m always enjoying your bird photographs. The feathers of todays birds look really stunning. So beautiful!

  3. 98,9kcal per 100gr is what I got for ‘succotash’! My new wird for the day, but what really brightened my day was your photo collection which never cease’s to amaze me!
    Happy Monday, my friend!

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. I watched some Tweety and Sylvester cartoons on youtube trying to get some phrases from the cat’s meow. I didn’t come up with much other than “Suffering Succotash!” But I got a good laugh. Those old Looney Toons are really funny. Sylvester is a cat of few words.

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