52 thoughts on “Bunny Monday

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. They really blend in with the mulch. It was only about 15 feet from me being cute as can be.

  1. Bunnies here are good staying out of sight, particularly out of sight of the hawks on loiter in the sky. Then, there are coyotes and foxes. They stay out of sight too when hunting.

    • A psychic once told us there is a ghost of a large black dog that roams the parameters of our property. We did have a black Great Dane we took in as a rescue years ago and she is buried on the property. While I see coyotes outside the parameters of the property, I have never seen a coyote on the property, and dogs rarely come onto the property without their owners. We have lots of small animals like bunnies, skunks, squirrels, porcupine, raccoon and cats that like to hang out on the property and have no problem showing themselves. Could be the ghost dog keeps the other predators away making the smaller critters feel safer.

  2. That is sooo sweet and cute. I love bunnies!! I’ve never seen a cottontail. It really does have a little cottontail. How do the kitties feel about the bunnies?

    • Thanks, Resa. Silver would bring baby bunnies into the house carrying them like they were kittens. Same with gophers and squirrels. Then I had the fun of getting them back outside. The kitties ignore the big bunnies as far as I can tell.

  3. Adorable! I rescued an abandoned baby cottontail once, I had to bottle feed him for a couple of days until we got him to a wildlife sanctuary, they are so precious! 🐰

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