Under A Freezing Midday Sun

We got about an inch of snow last night, and while the sun tried to peek through the clouds, the temperature never got about 25ºF (-3.9ºC). A couple of walks in the bosque and out on the beaches along the Rio Grande resulted in new birds and some exciting owl news.

Sandias and the Rio Grande from North Beach.

Canadian Geese.

Five Thrushes.

These Thrushes looked really iridescent in the snow on the riverbank under the cold, filtered sun.

Red-Tailed Hawk way off in the distance.

Sparrow up north scavaging in the snow and pebbles.

Red-Tailed Hawk in profile.

This poor calf has lost its herd. It’s all alone and has been sadly mooing for someone to keep it company.

Can you spot the northern mama owl sitting on her eggs?

She didn’t use this nest last year because the raccoons had ransacked it. She is in it again this year. The year before, 2018, she had Virginia in this nest: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-4dG


Blondy the blonde porcupine sleeping way up in a cottonwood.

Thrush getting a drink.

The acequia madre


Snowy Bosque

Mama Owl and Daddy Owl in their usual spot with snow all around.

62 thoughts on “Under A Freezing Midday Sun

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this series of Sandias, river, bosque and wildlife in winter, Tim. Those were great pictures of Virginia Owlet from you earlier post, too. Yes, please do name the owls. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lavinia. We are thinking Osric and Nora would be good names for the two owls up north. I’m thinking Mama Owl and Daddy Owl next door keep those names.

  2. I’m sorry, but whoever owns the calf better get him/her out of the elements. On the range, the calves would be in the center with adults providing the protection and warmth. Even a properly done lean-to would work.

  3. All beautiful to see, but most fascinating to me are the trushes with their blue feathers, probably because such shining blue is a rare colour on European birds.

  4. Nice shots Timothy. Here we had about one week of severe cold an snow. A lot of owl died, because they could not reach the mice and worms under the snow. They already found 6 dead owl but it is the top of the iceberg. They say on the radio that a lot of dead owl are to be found in nestboxen we provide. How do the owl survive at you place ? I see you have also snow and wold weather.

    • That’s sad you are losing owls. We don’t have very much snow and it won’t last long. Also all those little birds are owl food along with gophers, mice and squirrels.

  5. Timothy, deine Fotos sind wundervoll, voller Atmosphäre und Stimmung. Beim Anschauen habe ich das Gefühl, die Kälte zu spüren, den knirschenden Schnee unter den Schuhen zu hören und in der Stille zu sein. Ich bewundere deine Fotos und bin sehr begeistert!
    Rosie 🌹

    • Thanks, Marina. The thrushes are really pretty birds. I don’t seem them sound of north beach, which seems strange since there is no real difference in the environment that I can tell. Acequia Madres are the haunts of La Llorona. She’s one of the reasons “ditches are deadly.” Most of the snow from yesterday melted, but we are supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow.

  6. You had snow too!!! Everywhere I went today, serendipity has brought snow to their corner of the world. Isn’t it wonderful to share the same weather across the miles. Your photos are always extraordinary Tim – you give us stories via the lens of your camera.

  7. Beautiful nature shots, Tim!
    Mama & Daddy Owl crack me up with their stoic postures.
    The baby calf makes me sad. Are there people taking care of it?
    Lovely post, especially with the Canada Geese and the Thrushes looking so blue.

    • Thanks, Resa. The calf seems to have found its heard again. Yes people take care of it. We have lots of Canadian Geese immigrants down here. Kind of like retired folks who head south to Florida for the winter.

  8. Each photograph is so beautiful Tim. You have such an incredibly eye. The birds against the snow look so beautiful. I studied and studied that photograph to try and find the mama owl, I am glad that you were kind enough to show us where she was hiding. Just an incredibly beautiful post. Hugs, Joni

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