Happy Valentine’s Day From The Birds

 The pTerodactyl posed perfectly in the Tangle Heart Tree for Valentine’s Day.

Miss Stripy Sparrow

Mama Owl

Sparky Sparrow

Daddy Owl snoozing at sunrise.

A congregation of cranes at dawn.

Tommee Towhee

Cranes celebrating the frosty sunrise.

The other side of Miss Stripy Sparrow.

A pTerodactyl takeoff.

A silly duck on takeoff.

“¡Hasta la huego you silly goose!”

As a thunderstorm blew in this evening lots of crows were flying all around us.

39 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day From The Birds

  1. By, jimmies, you’re so blessed with nature all around you, Sir. And the skills to capture them.
    (I’m not jealous, or anything like that, of course) Hehehe! Cheerski!

    • I told told the pTer that he couldn’t have done better. So perfect. It does make you wonder if the ducks will become airborne when the take off. They make me laugh. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. I was so sure we’d have a Tangle Heart Tree in the bunch 😉
    Fabulous photos, as per Tim.
    Happy Valentine’s to you and your love!

  3. Oh how I enjoyed this Valentine message from the birds, Timothy. I had this funny thought the other night at dinner: I wonder if Tim will do the Tangle Heart tree for Valentines Day. Top billing with the added plus of a GBH right in the center. Also enjoyed the white-crowned sparrows, towhee, crows, and those gorgeous cranes. The duck take-off is a fun series and one of my favorite ducks, the merganser.

    • Dale had the same thought. The GBH was perfect and just in time. The mergansers are really skittish and usually fly the minute they see me. They are really silly. The sparrows are skittish as well, but the Towhee is a sassy showoff. Thanks, Jet. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  4. A wonderful collection of images. Good eye noticing that tangle heart tree with the GBH in the center. And of course, love those sandhill cranes. Photos taken at Bosque Del Apache?

    • Hi Ingrid. The cranes are in the Rio Grande behind our property. We have cranes all winter here. I go out to say hi to them and photograph them daily. Bosque del Apache is 100 miles south of us.

      • Oh lucky you to have them behind your property. When we visited Texas regularly, I’d get my fill of bird photography… lot more challenging in the desert southwest.

  5. Those are excellent bird photos, Tim. Pterodactyl in Tangleheart Tree is a great photo for today. It is always uplifting to see the variety of wildlife in your bosque.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Laurie, and all the critters!

  6. All of the shots are wonderful, especially the opening shot!
    You live in an amazing gluttony of nature’s beauty.
    Went to TT&T, but your interview isn’t up, yet. I am quite looking forward to it!!

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