A Turn To Gray

Clouds blowing over the Sandias before sunset.

The sun’s last attempt to shine through the clouds before slipping below the horizon.

Mama Owl and Daddy Owl looking gray back to their favorite spot.

“I’m Silver, not Gray” You’re really quite gray Silver.

44 thoughts on “A Turn To Gray

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It was supposed to clear up, but it started snowing again this morning so the roads are a mess again.

  1. Gray with light effects is beautiful. I like the way, the images suggest cold and humid gray tones in the distance but also dry and warm ones nearby, if one takes one’s time to think it over for a while, to bring the feelings of clouds, feathers and fur into effect.

    • We have a way of having cold and dry although everything is wet. It’s a weirdness of the high desert. Thanks, Puzzleblume.

  2. Nature is quite a master painter isn’t she. I mean, look at the Sandias, from vermillion red gradually painting brown to blue gray. Then those fluffy, super spectacular clouds, wouldn’t I love to ride on them! As for Silver… he’s gray Silver!

  3. Oh Silver is gorgeous! And great shots my friend!
    You have encouraged me to get my camera out more… the cell phone is so darn easy but the camera gets up close and personal. Thank you my friend!

  4. Awesome cloud photos, Tim. The mysterious sunset’s last attempt, especially. You definitely have the owls in your family. They pose nicely for you. Your cat is one of a kind. A somewhat ferocious look in the eyes. Could be any color and still gorgeous. Have a great rest of the week. 📚🎶 Christine

    • Thanks, Christine. I’m happy you enjoyed the photos and Silver. He’s a sweetheart and loves to lie on my lap and purr.

  5. Kitty blankets are a treat. ( Maj: “Had a kitten decades ago that became my sleeping cap each night”) Pretty clouds over beautiful landscapes and a great portrait of Silver.

  6. Fabulous photography, as always, Tim! I especially have enjoyed how you have captured the colour “grey” so beautifully. Grey always gives me a feeling of balance and calmness. Between black and white, comes shades of grey – so many colour combination possibilities. P.S. I think that cats are supreme beings.

    • Silver agrees with you 100%. You can see all the colors in a good black and white image that has the full range of grays. Thanks, Rebecca.

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