Feline Follies

Loki shapeshifting


Silly Silver

Glenda reaching out to touch the phone

Sasha on a cold day enjoying warm air blowing on her.

Gwendolyn being a bit intense.

Spunk chilling on a warm countertop.

Lokii: “Leave me be stupid paparazzo!”

33 thoughts on “Feline Follies

    • You have a keen eye for Loki the trickster using Glenda to feign shapeshifting. Loki was trying to weasel in on Glenda’s hammocking and she was holding her ground. The kitties thank you for the belly rubs.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Loki is quick and I often get hooked by those impressive claws when we are playing.

  1. You guys have some adorable Kitties. Yes, I have my fave, Spunkie-Poo 💋. He’s the most photogenic.
    Glenda is catching up. Sh smiles for the camera!

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