Beaver Moon, 500 Year Lunar Eclipse

A murder at sunset

Beaver Moon rising as viewed from Beaver Point.

500-year lunar eclipse taken approximately every 15 minutes from 12:44 am to 3:30 am with Beaver Moon in clouds and beaver.

pTerodactyl watching, reflecting, flying

Crow with Venus. Owl in silhouette.

Jupiter. Venus. Beaver Moon in the trees.

93 thoughts on “Beaver Moon, 500 Year Lunar Eclipse

  1. Tim, spectacular photos. And you were out in the cold night taking them. Such a dedicated, awesome photographer. Thank you. We had cloud coverage in Souther CA. I would never have seen this. 📚🎶 Christine

    • Thanks, Christine. I wasn’t going to do it, but the moon was calling. It was cold started at 20ºF and went down to 18ºF by 3:30. Other bloggers mentioned clouds and fog in CA.

  2. I had a pretty clear view of it her in the heartland and took a ton of pictures starting at 3:30am – likely none as good as yours, but haven’t processed them – definitely COLD out, holy cow did my fingers hurt after that.

    • I sure you got a lot of good shots. Every time I came back inside I let off cold. I felt like a smolder piece of dry ice. The kitties were all excited I was up in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks, Brian.

  3. AWESOME. You got it. That progression image is so cool.

    I got up at 2 because my bladder woke me up so then I went out and looked and saw the red moon and was like “cool” and then I yawned and went back to bed.

    Hey, at least I can say I saw it. Half-asleep, but…

  4. What happened to the “I’m not freezing my nethers to take the moon?” I knew you couldn’t resist and would put us regular folk to shame.
    Beautifully done! You were lucky to have clear skies…I was good till 2:30. At 3:30, the clouds took over. At 4:30, all I got was a slip and a fall on my back, bashing my head against my deck.
    So glad you gave us this beauty!

  5. A beautiful set of photos of the moon, eclipse and bosque residents, Tim, especially moonrise over the Sandias. The headlights make an interesting photo too, a giant pair of eyes in the dark.

  6. OMG!! Tim!! Your moon shots are surreal! I am so impressed and what I saw gave me goosebumps. Incredible job you did! You need to pat yourself on the back with this accomplishment. You documented something that hasn’t happen in 500 years. Incredible!! Thank you SO much for your efforts. No way could I have done what you did. I’m seriously impressed.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Amy Rose. You could have done it. But you chose the sensible thing to do: sleep. Always a good choice. You need to keep impressing those young women at the gym.

      • And those young men too as I found out. WINK! For those in their 20’s actually seeing me in the first place and then inspiring them, me who has seen more then 6 summers, well, Tim, it is an experience I have not had before and it really is incredible!! My heart wants to inspire, to teach, to encourage and that, it seems is what has begun to transpire. Cool beans!!! xo

      • Ok. I never got a reply. I just searched. It apparently got lost in the ether. Enjoy.

  7. These are magnificent photos, Timothy. Awesome photography. You must have been out in the cold for hours too. Well worth it though for these super-stunning results. Very well done.
    I did stay up for the eclipse at 6am but the clouds moved in just before it began, so I didn’t even get to see it. Thankfully I have this totally amazing display captured by you. Many thanks.

    • Darn those clouds. Thank you so much for the amazing comment, Lizzy. I was inside most of the time. I ran out and took the shots every 15 minutes. I did all the photos handheld. I didn’t want to drag the tripod out and in. And I didn’t want to leave the camera and lens out it the cold. I got cold and then brought the cold inside with me.

      • That’s another fantastic photo. I didn’t realise you’ve got another site too. You’re obviously very experienced. i wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I only know the basics really.

      • I was on that other site for a few years when WP was really giving me problems. I moved back to WP when that site started giving me problems. I’ve had that site for a lot longer than WP, but it did not have a blog option when I started blogging in 2010. Zenfolio is more for photography than blogging.

    • Thanks for the joy, Hedy. We all need lots of it these days. Thank you for the wonderful comment. I’m happy you get to see a reasonable facsimile of the eclipse.

  8. It was the temptation to see part of a long duration lunar eclipse that had you make the effort. 🙂 Next one, have to wait another 500-600 years.

    Kitties like to have someone up in the wee hours.

    • Thanks for telling me about it. Six hours is a long time. If we got six hours of rain out here, that might produce a 500-year flood. I finally ecided getting three hours of the eclipse was worth it. Even in freezing temps.

      • It must have been a very “EEEE” experience. I was up then, working on some charts for Elizabeth. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything. A mountain wave cloud had moved in to fill the sky. And, you’re right about six hours of rain – we definitely would have a flood emergency here too.

        Your kitty crew was probably wondering how come you weren’t up all night with them last night. 🙂

      • The kitties were all piled on me under and on top of the covers in bed last night. The house was 57ºF this morning. But they love it when I get up in the wee hours of the morning.

  9. WOW!!!!
    So it was half baked here and not worthy of a pic. Now for sure I’m never getting up again unless I’m with you and then even these pictures say a thousand words. soooo amazing Timothy!
    And the birds and reflection of the blue heron … NICE JOB!💖👏👏👏

  10. Now this is what I came here for 🙂 Stunning photos, and it would have been great to have seen it ~ and better yet, to have watched you put these series of photos together. Awesome work, Timothy. You deserved to sleep in the next morning 🙂

    • Thanks, Randall. I tried a couple of different compositions before I settle on this one. the kitties wanted food at 5:30 as usual.

  11. The beaver moon and eclipse photos are absolutely amazing! Was this when you were standing outside in your underwear at 19℉? I went out at one point but it was cloudy.
    Also, “a murder at sunset” sounds like a great title for something

    • Thanks, JYP. It was the morning before that I was out in 19ºF freezing my unmentionables. It got down to 18ºF while I was going outside and coming back inside every 15 minutes between 12:45 am and 3:30 am to photograph the eclipse. I was fully dressed for the eclipse. It was really cold for the frequency I was going outside, and I didn’t want to moon the moon.

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