In trying to come up with a solution for video when I can’t be literal, I got the idea I could use a music visualizer to create psychedelic allegorical images. I tried a couple of different music visualizers and I liked the one I found on a gaming site called Animus. I decided to use my five-movement song called T.U.L.I.P. for the test. Some of you might remember that I posted T.U.L.I.P. on Tuesday back in early January as five separate short songs. I put them all together into one song with 5 movements. The five songs are more coherent as a single song.

Five-Point Calvinism in five movements
By Timothy Price

Total Depravity

Sitting shivering
In the heat of night
Sliced by rays
In the dark of light

Soul lies frayed
So depraved

Every thought a mortal
Every action a mortal
Every thought and action
A mortal Sin!

Unconditional Election

Some are elected
Others left in sin
Punished and damned
For their many transgressions
They can never win

Those few saved by grace
Unconditional love
Receive salvation
They are the few
Elected from above

All others
All the others
All the others get
All the others get damnation

Limited Atonement

Limited Atonement
Didn’t die for all
Elected are saved
Reprobates fall

No prevenient grace
Jeopardy double
Only the elect
Will make it through
Without any trouble

Redemption certain or
Redemption none
It’s predestination
Foreknown by

The One

Irresistible Grace

Irresistible Grace
Efficacy calls
Only some
But not all

For salvation

It could be me
It could be you
It may be neither
Grace for the few

Is Irresistible

Perseverance of the Saints

One saved always saved
No more death by
Trespasses and sins
Security of sanctification

Condition is secure
Eternal justification
Salvation for the
Saints persevere

Glenda doing the TULIP