Watch colors in cold
Nineteen in my underwear
Package is frozen

Pre-Beaver Moon Rising. I was in a parking lot. There is going to be a 500-year eclipse tonight way past my bedtime.

Hey! Beaver! Yoo-hoo! There’s going to be a Beaver Moon tomorrow night, eleven nineteen twenty-one. And a Beaver eclipse in the wee hours this morning. It’s going to be a hoot!

Oh! Really? A Beaver Moon you say? Is that like when Benny Beaver lifts his tail and shows use his beaver behind? I don’t want to be eclipsed. My hair is too short already. Nineteen? It was cold this morning.

No! You dimwit. The MOON! You know that big shiny thing in the sky? Eclipse is when the moon gets dim, like you. It has nothing to do with clippers! It was cold this morning.

84 thoughts on “Nineteen

  1. Now that was a hoot and a half! Thanks for the reminder!
    Hopefully my skies will be clearer than they have been for the past 24 hours…
    Great pics to go with your excellent exchange between the beasties!

    • Thanks, Dale. I’m trying to decide if I want to get up the moon when it’s eclipsed. I’m not going to do a full series of the eclipse in freezing temperatures.

      • I just checked and here it will be between 2:18 and 5:47… and the temps expected between those times will be 34… no big whup! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hmmm… If I happen to wake up and remember… I still probably couldn’t catch much since I don’t have a Bazooka!

      • It starts here at 11:02 pm, its maximum is at 2:02 am, it ends at 5:03 am. That’s 6 hours and 2 minutes. No way am I going outside and back in for 6 hours to photograph the sequence. It’s 19:56 right now and 29ยบF outside.

      • Oh, and you inspired me to go out there and see if I could actually see the moon… the clouds were zipping by so I filmed that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Put it on IG. Then went to get my camera and hmm… considering…

  2. Humor and gorgeous nature shots. Can’t beat that! The moon took my breath away when leaving dance class tonight. So beautiful! I posted to my IG page (also on my main blog page). Never leave home without your camera, my photo teacher said! He was right.

    • We need as much humor as we can get. There are too many glum and seriously dangerous people and ideas in the world these days. I stopped by to buy birthday presents on the way home, came out of the store and Viola! There’s a big yellow moon coming up over the mountains. I used my iPhone that worked pretty well.

  3. Fabulous photos, as always, Timothy. The full beaver moon rolling down the hill is just superb. It’s 4 am here in Wales and the moon is full, very bright and high in the sky. I’d need a better camera to capture it properly.

    • Thanks, Lizzy. What time does it get light? The eclipse will start around 6 am your time and should peak about 9 am. You should be able to some of it.

  4. Ha, I was wondering if you were going to get some shots of tonights, technically tomorrow’s eclipse. Have my alarm set for 3am – will see what kind of magnetic pull my pillow has at that hour. In my younger days I’d just stay up. Like your full moon shot.

  5. Hahahaha. That poem is epic, storyline a joy, pics gorgeous, and, for the record, I live just down the street from Benny the Beaver in the event an introduction is ever needed. Haha. Great post, Tim.

  6. Ah, that’s a gorgeous pre-Beaver Moon rising, after a gorgeous sundown! Beaver dear, don’t worry, ain’t nobody eclipsing you!!! 500 sounds grande but even the Moon won’t give us a break here (not visible) ๐Ÿ˜’ ๐Ÿคฃ! So, woot woot, can’t wait for your eclipse shots!

    • No. He’s just too busy gnawing on a willow to be bothering with moons no matter where they come from. Thanks, Teri.

  7. Ha! You slay me, Tim. It was past my bedtime too. I figured that if insomnia struck again, then I’d get up and look at the eclipse. For a wonder, I slept. That’s nearly as rare as the eclipse, so I’ll take it and not complain. Gorgeous photos, as always. Hugs on the wing.

    • I’m happy you found the humor in the poem. Most people don’t mention it. I guess I mention unmentionables. Dear me. I really appreciate you comments. The owl was from the summer. It had just hacked up a pellet and was peeved I photographed the upchuck. Thanks, JYP.

      • I’ll admit it took me a few reads before it clicked and I got it. At first I was like, why are there 19 colors in the narrator’s underwear. My brain was moving very slowly this morning. But then I got it and I think it’s fantastic.

      • Now I can make it too obvious because I’m limited by 17 syllables. But then again, what’s the point of poetry if it doesn’t make you think and have multiple interpretations?

      • If you were looking to revise for clarity, the only line that really needs revision is the first one, as “colors presented” is so vague. If you managed to change this to something referencing the sky/outdoors (and yes, I know this is challenging to do in 5 syllables) the reader would get the humor of your haiku much quicker. You wouldn’t need to change the other two lines (and you shouldn’t – they’re excellent)

      • I think for me, color works better as an adjective vs. as a noun here. Like “bold colored morning” or “bold color’d morning” (as there seems to be some debate about the number of syllables in “colored”) better sets the scene for the next two lines vs. using colors as a noun for me.

      • so watched, colored and similar words are weird in when it comes to counting syllables. I think they count as monosyllabic by the way we pronounce them in English .

      • I started doing poems in the form of haiku when Tristan’s annoying ex-mother-in-law was condescendingly trying to explain it to us when we well knew what it was. She was trying to explain how difficult haiku is, which I agreed with because Japanese is monosyllabic and so different from English. But I find the structure easy to work in, so I wrote several just to bother her. I’m a mean one like Mr. Grinch.

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. Happy like my twisted humor. Well. The moon was calling at 12:45 am. I went out in 20ยบF temp and got the first shot of the eclipse underway. The cold woke me up, so I stayed up and took a shot every 15 minutes until 3:30 then went back to bed. You will want to see tonight’s post.

  8. Egads! The opening shot is stunning!
    Whose tree is all dressed in silver. Mine???
    Honestly, with all the angles and nature’s effects, I get confused.
    Anyway, the silver tree looks useful for a story!

      • OH! I picked a really outstanding tree!
        Thank you!
        As I work on the next adventure (all drawings are done) I realize I need a pic of the Tangle-Heart…daytime or sunrise or sunset… colours in the field or sky. Colour is returned to the real world!

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