56 thoughts on “EEEE EEEEE EEEE

    • EEEEEEEE! Yesiree Brian. It’s an oldie but goodie. I use a red Logitech mouse on my Stratocaster mouse pad. Most of our staff have magic mice, or magic pads. I like my mice to have tails.

      I’m having to use the Dell for the interface on our access control system. I finally found a tech who was able to get into our access control system on the new building. It’s an old Honeywell system and only works with Internet Explorer, which is a dinosaur, and extinct on all new Windows computers. This Dell had IE left over from when it had XP or Windows 7 or whatever before windows 10. Windows is constantly pestering me to upgrade the IE to Edge, but then I couldn’t program the access control system.

      • I’ve lived that scenario before – might not be too shocking to know that a fortune 50 company that I have some familiarity with was having to purchase old VAX machines off of ebay just to keep some of the shop floors functioning. Won’t be long before the hardware will not be the real issue rather having anyone with knowledge that can get them functioning due to retirement knowledge drain.

    • Eso es cierto, pero depende de la palabra de la que se derive y de lo épica que sea. Gracias, Shey.

    • That was an interesting car. It looks like in only has one wheel in the back with those fender skirts. It was a unique color, also. the cats only play with things that go EEEE. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  1. Don’t forget about the partial lunar eclipse tonight. Starts at midnight, reaches peak at 2 am. The moon should be at 97%. Total length of eclipse at 3+ hours. The next eclipse this long should be in 600 years.

  2. OMG, I love that EEEEEEE button; especially after reading your explanation to Dale. Wow. I had forgotten about Hijola! Yes, yes, yes. Heard and said that A LOT when I lived in ABQ, lo, these many, many moons ago. Googled, etsied, and amazoned to find it, but no dice. >> sigh <<

    • EEEEEE is still used in my world. It seems that CraftyScoundrel who made the EEEE buttons has not been active since 2016. Thanks, Ed. BTW have you seen the videos by Lynette our local Burqueña?

      • No, sir. I have not seen them. >> a minute or two passes << Just found them on YouTube. I will need to avail myself of them, for sure! Thank you for turning me on to them.

      • Eeeeee. If you’re in NM don’t dreek the water, and watch out for La Llorona. I presented a paper at the NEMLA conference last year on La Llorona. I would have used some of Lil Baby Dreamer’s song in the talk if I had time. I used Lynette in papers I presented at the PAMLA conference in 2019 and the ICCG last August. I’m spreading NM speak around the world.

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