Quick Change Skies

Looking west @ 5:31 pm February 10, 2021

Mama Owl @ 4:23 pm February 10, 2021

Looking south @ 5:42 pm February 10, 2021

Cranes @ 5:44 pm February 10, 2021

Looking east @ 5:45 pm February 10, 2021

pTerodactyl with ducks doing vespers prayers. 5:53 pm February 10, 2021

Looking west @ 6:01 pm February 10, 2021

49 thoughts on “Quick Change Skies

  1. I agree with Mama Owl… that’s exactly my expression seeing your photos. Your painter was passionately creative …and the two cranes silhouettes taking a journey in such colorful creations, ah. You have made my day.

  2. Yes, this is a gorgeous collection. Can’t say it enough…those high desert skies are breathtaking. The bird captures are amazing…and those ducks LOL! I’ve seen them do that in unison and thought it was just the males showing off for the female, but it really does seem more like play. pTerodactyl is making sure they behave.

    • The pTerodactyl looks like something between and priest and an undertaker. He’s certainly keeping those ducks on task for vespers duties. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of these magnificent photos, Timothy. The sky shots are breathtaking. And the crane silhouettes are stunning. Love the sleepy owl close-up, too.

  4. This is my third time around on the post, Tim. Your photography is spectacular, which prompted me to consider the passage of time and all the transitions that can occur with in a sort interval. Transitions surround us and yet, until we pause and reflect, we only see the same. Your photography told the story of change, of movement, of journeys. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. The quick changes is weather, although they are beautiful, can be serious matters here. When I see our skies changing quickly, I often think of Inspector Erlendur, who is in the books we briefly discussed on one of your posts. The quick changes in whether in Iceland shaped Erlendur’s personality which you learn about in the books. If been caught out in the middle of nowhere on motorcycles and bicycles when it suddenly went from warm and sunny to freezing rain and hail with no place to seek cover. I’ve learned to respect the weather out here.

      • I know exactly what you mean, Tim. When I lived up in Northern Manitoba, weather could determine life and death. I am looking forward to Inspector Erlendur!! Thank you so much for the introduction.

      • I have a story for you!!!! You would be very interested to know that Gimli, Manitoba is considered the centre of Icelandic culture. This is from the Govt of Canada Website: https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/immigration/history-ethnic-cultural/Pages/icelandic.aspx

        โ€œIn 1872, Sigtryggur Jonasson travelled to the Muskoka region of Ontario and a group of 100 Icelanders later joined him there. Not satisfied with their settling attempts in Ontario, the Icelanders moved west to Manitoba and established the first lasting Icelandic colony on the continent. The capital of “New Iceland,” now called Gimli, was established in 1878 and had its own administration and constitutionโ€”a unique endeavour in the history of settlement in Canada.

        In 1875, the eruption of the Askja volcano was the incentive for the migration of twenty percent of Iceland’s population to North America. As Winnipeg became the most popular destination for Icelanders, the town’s population reached 7,000 people during the 1880s. To this day, Manitoba remains North America’s centre for Icelandic culture and activities. The localities of Gimli, New Iceland, Riverton, Lundar, Morden, Lakeview, Erickson, Baldur, Arborg, and Glenboro are known for their Icelandic cultural influence.โ€

        We travelled through Gimli when we were heading home form visits to Winnipeg.

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