Yesterday we had clouds running amok through the skies with our painter scrambling to keep her colors from blowing away with the winds. Today ¡Nada! Not a cloud in the sky. However, our ever clever painter brushed the Sandias with pink, then she threw a spray of ocher that turned into lavender, purples, and blues as it spread from the horizon into the sky.

Our painter picks her colors from sunbursts.

Mama Owl watches as our painter makes her magic.

33 thoughts on “¡Nada!

  1. Sundown on the Sandias is always beautiful, and that is a nice reflection in the river. Your painter has some spectacular colors in her palette, and I love the post sundown sky with black lace trees set upon it. Mama Owl approves of your painter’s work.

    • I think Mama owl directs the painter as much as she can. The lacy trees are magical. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Vibrant colours of life, with Mama Owl sending a benediction to all of us. I especially appreciated the word, “painter” which added to the mystical quality of the colours.

  3. Mama Owl surveys her domain as the painter finishes her masterpiece. Sunbursts and lacy trees in black add to the striking beauty of the day. A pleasure to observe.

  4. Love that first pic of the Sandias!
    We had snow last night. Norm had about a foot of it to shovel. Looks like 2 feet on the roof.
    The Snowdias.

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