Towhee Troll

Towhee Troll: “Who’s that clomping along my trail?” Paparazzo: “It’s only I, a mild mannered paparazzo!”
Towhee Troll: “What’s the pass phrase PAPARAZZO?” Paparazzo: “Hmmm? Good question. How about ‘I’m a lot bigger than you’?”
Towhee Troll” “@$&#*£∂©å¥ paparazzo! Close enough. Pass on by.” Paparazzo: “Thank you Mr. Towhee Troll.”




Sandias, lizard, flowers (SLF). Laurie saw a baby lizard in the leaves under the bonsai stand on the deck. It was really cute and like most young folks these days, seemed to love being photographed as it moved out closer to my macro lens and hammed it up a bit.  There was an alert for a missing child in Corrales this afternoon which had the Chanel 7 chopper circling around above us. I drove out to see if there was any action around the fire station, but nothing much was going on, so I drove north and got nice light on the Sandias. There was an alert on our phone when I got back that they found the missing child. Laurie planted a bunch of different flowers that started coming up in July, but the hail storms beat them down to the ground. They finally recovered and we now have a garden full of cosmos and other flowers. The birds and the bees are very happy.