Day Glow Peach

You can look through the peach leaves portal into the future. If you are quick you may see what will pass.

Dale, @ A Delectable Life, rightly noticed that her Peach Tree had not been getting much attention. Here it is in day-glow peach.

I couldn’t resist doing an Over/Under shot. Inspired by Marina.


74 thoughts on “Day Glow Peach

      • As I just mentioned to Holly, we have gotten really good peaches off this tree in the past. In 2018 we got a lot of peaches. Many friends, neighbors and family picked peaches, and I put up scads of them in the freezer. A late frost zapped the peaches in 2019 and this year.

      • We can hope. It’s been very dry. The Conservancy cut off our irrigation water two months early. I’m watering with drip systems and soaker hoses.

      • That’s terrible. And when we look at what’s going on in Colorado – which also had so very little rain… scary.

      • Burning down the state. Actually, there has been an arsonist setting fires in the bosque. The Rio Grande is running really low, and since the Conservancy has torn the beaver dams out of the clearwater ditch, the clearwater ditch is almost dry. The fire department plans on using water from the clearwater ditch to fight bosque fires. Now it’s dry, and there’s little water to fight fires with because of stupid government policies.

      • This is crazy. I have two friends in different areas of Colorado and both are dealing with horrid smoke. One has her bags packed waiting for the ‘go’. I am so worried about her.

      • Lavinia was in the same position in Oregon last month. Surrounded by fires, dense smoke, bags packed ready for the evacuation order. I called to check up on her when she hadn’t commented for several days. Fortunately, she didn’t have to evacuate.

    • Thanks, Jordan. You could probably come up with a cool Tarot card using the peach leaf portal. Marina has been a real inspiration on the Over/Unders.

      • I’d like to paste it into my 9 of Pentacles as a substitute for the wormhole there called the PotSS — Portal of the Seamless Segue. I’ll have to keep the Peach Leaf Portal in mind for future wormholes I install in Tarot cards. It full-on speaks to the beyond. Like Time Bandits 2.0, but much prettier.

      • Thank you, Timothy. I will. I just took a note in my Draft Books List so it stays findable. Hmmm, now that it’s steeped just a bit, I actually may want to use it as the center of a mandala or a key station in one at first. I’ll of course list your image credit in the (c). You can send it to No rush, though it’s quite a potent image that hmmmm…. is already starting to ideate and grow. Thank you.

      • Actually, will you also send the over-under pic. I can plant the Portal in the connection of the trunks at the mirrored access spot in PhotoShop. This is pretty wicked cool. It’ll male a great October Autumnal Orange Peach Tree Mandala… hmmm. I’ll see where it wants to lead me.

        Thank you!

    • Hi Holly. We have gotten some wonderful peaches off this tree. Lots and lots of peaches in 2018. There were peaches starting to set on this spring, but then a late frost zapped them.

      • We can hope. I keep waiting for global warming to heat us up a bit so our fruit trees don’t get frozen every year. Our 5 on 1 plum tree had plums in 2018 for the first time. 2018 was the first year the plums didn’t get zapped by late frost. We planted the tree in 2000.

      • I’m in no hurry for global warming, the waters are already encroaching, the storms more ferocious. We get our peaches from Georgia and in return they get our Oranges and Avocado!

      • You know the east coast is slowly sinking? There is a big bulge under Africa that is pushing Africa up and it’s causing the eastern seaboard of the US to sink. Speaking of Avocados, there are people who say to boycott avocados from Mexico because there is an Avocado cartel that controls avocado farming and export in Mexico. The problem is of the avocados we can get out here from California, Peru, and Mexico, the Mexican avocados are superior. They are so much better that we won’t buy avocados unless they come from Mexico. I don’t think I have seen an avocado from Florida in these parts. I’ve seen oranges from Florida in the produce section.

      • That’s discouraging! We need to start on the Ark. Florida Avocados are much different from California Avocados. I haven’t had Mexican Avocado but I prefer Ca. Over Fl. Avocados.

      • I think it will be many thousands of years before you need an ark. California avocados can be really good, but we have had several bags where al the avocados where not very good. If you can find Mexican avocados you should try them.

      • I will look for them. It was touted that Mexican produce is not well regulated esp in the use of fertilizer. Probably wanting to cast a pall over it.

    • Thanks, Teagan. Peaches are not my favorite fruit. I like the shape of the leaves on peach trees.

  1. Gorgeous! Dale’s going to be thrilled when her peach tree is the tree that helps save the day in ep. 2 & 3. (Would love a copy of that first shot! It’s perfect for what’s going to happen. I’ll use both you’ve sent)

    Johnny got my right index finger Thursday night. Friday I woke up & my finger was like a small sausage/with a massive purple ball at the tip. It’s mending, but still a few more days until I can draw properly.

  2. That is a beautiful peach leaf portal, Tim! I haven’t tried growing a peach tree here yet. People tell me peach leaf curl is a real problem here, although I keep seeing them for sale in the garden shops.

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