The Blog Must Go On

Gwendolyn: “If you stop blogging everyone will miss seeing me grow up into a beautiful kitty!”

After a major pussy riot by all felines in the household, and a sound pussy whipping by said felines and other females in the household, I am being forced to withdraw all threats of not blogging.

Glenda: “And everyone would miss my cuteness!”

“How could you stop sharing THIS with the world?”

“People would miss out on all my great poses and being a Hellcat!”

“Don’t Eeeven think about it buster!”


“Oh, brother! Dude!”

“AAahhh! What about all my girlfriends? AAaahh! What about all my admirers? AAaahh! What about all the modeling and acting I do for your blog? AAaahh! I’ll whack your pee pee if you quit blogging. AAaahhh! I’m going to whack it just for you thinking about not blogging and leaving me out in the cold!”

“I think I’ll give you a paw sandwich!”

“How about if I give you sad eyes?”

“You’re making me go all corny and flaky just thinking about it!”

“The thought of not being blogged!”

“I simply can’t bear the thought of it!”

“How can you Eeeven think about denying all those lovely women who adore me this beautiful face?”