The door that opens to the stairwell that leads to our offices upstairs got tagged over the weekend. I can’t make out the words. At least taggers who tag glass are easier to clean up after than vandals who break glass.

40 thoughts on “Tagged

      • I dunno… they disrespect property so I have trouble with admiring anything they do. They painted a neighbour’s fence a few years go… So rude.

      • If it’s easy to remove like this one, I’m not going to be too wigged out. When they tag the walls that’s another thing. People are getting really bad about not respecting private property.

      • Easy or not, it’s a total lack of respect. And no, I guess it doesn’t serve any purpose to get too wigged out, but still.

      • They don’t need to show “no stinking respect” for anything. Taggers are part of a victim class coddled and celebrated by the media and the politicos.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. The historic building is the red brick building called the Hope Building. We occupy the bottom floor of the Hope Building and the top floor of the building on the left, which is not on the historic register. The Hope Building was a block buster, in that the block probably would have been raised had it not been for Jim & Edie restoring the Hope Building and getting in on the National Register. The two buildings on the end of the block burned in December 2013: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-1Gz.

  1. I tapped the Like button, but can’t like this, nothing personal of course. These rejects are no less than Anarchists in my opinion. I’ll stop right there.

    • Hi John. You are right. The city has a graffiti removal group, or they did, but then they encourage, and even celebrate that type of behavior. It doesn’t make sense.

      • That was a grand idea!

        And the apparently, the all-mighty dollar and/or the hard-lefties were elected and stomped out Common Sense. Sorry…

  2. There’s an inconsistency of flow in the second letter(s) in the top line that I can’t chalk up to stylistic license. This appears that the tagger is still working towards the Bruce Lee of legibility and flow Of their calligraphy, and I would have to say as well they are considerate. They know their work is temporary, so why not make it on the glass where it’s sure to be more temporary. Glass is the tagger’s Etch-A-Sketch. Tagging and graffiti are artforms, and I don’t blame the Left or right or other extreme left or extreme right. I pin the tail on the donkey with the red zones from banks and real estate and loans and property. Heck, it wasn’t even new then, though it certainly indoctrinated itself into the credit society lending system there.

    The catchment area of people and environmental factors that lead to defacing things is pretty much pervasive. If we want to hold responsible and kick in the pants the person most responsible for our troubles… we each wouldn’t sit for a week.

    The artist/tagger will have their flow soon enough. On glass it reminds me a bit of Santa Fe where people will cover a scared statue with super heavy plastic, and then deface/paint that to make a point — that as well doesn’t harm the object.

    • A foot was cut off of a Don Juan Oñate statue in Española for the 400th anniversary of his arrival in NM. People were shot trying to remove a statue of Oñate in Albuquerque, and another group recently pulled down the Santa Fe monument. People don’t care one bit about protecting what they deface and destroy around here.

      • Yeah, it’s changed even in the 5 years I’ve been away. The ambivalent and disrespect curve just hopped in a F-35 Raptor and geometrically went UP straight through the roof. As if there was enough trash on the streets, and people go around making trash out of treasure. I decided to put the clutch in on my vigilante several years ago. I’d rather my activism not get me killed. Hard to do Tarot readings and make art if I’ve been un-alived. Plus, I also have a healthy respect and empathy for the environments that have fed them with long-form trauma which always needs an outlet. I’d say, though, that their acting out is no longer typically therapy as it turns back to feed And fuel a self-perpetuating system which makes it difficult for them to break that gravity even if they feel they must.

      • Wise man you are. It’s too easy to get hurt or killed based for any reason these days.

      • Yup, the reactionary quip of “I’ll show YOU” by someone pulling out a gun clearly expresses that people have not been brought up for resolution but retribution that just bleeds of their lead edge, as if they can see nothing other than conflict, and not able to dial it down and harness the energies into the more powerful, high octane fuel of intense discussion where NOONE gets defensive and word-shots are fired back and forth so both are penetrated with learning.

      • Yeah, especially. It feels that transformation and growth is starting to simply be transforming an empty clip/chamber with re-load. Quite a boring hamster wheel, and deadly.

  3. Not much to like, but at least it wasn’t any more. I wonder how the taggers would react if a surface they’re trying to tag was truly non-stick.

    • Hi Lavinia. Holly hadn’t heard of it either. As I mentioned to Holly, like male cats who spray to mark their territories, gangs spray to mark their territories, as well. However, gang members also use paint when they spray.

  4. Tags are a mess!
    So, now instead of painting tags on our glass door, they SCRATCH in the graffiti.
    They call it Scratchitti. Lol!
    I love street art, but tags are drags!

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