Roger B-9 No Water

Corrales B-9 Fire Truck

We went out for a walk on the ditch after sundown. The Corrales Fire Department was working at the bridge setting out water for use in putting out bosque fires. As anyone who has followed this blog for a while knows, I often complain about the Conservancy tearing out the beaver dams, because the beaver dams were keeping the water levels up in the clearwater ditch that created a wetland for many species that live in Corrales and many other species that stop in Corrales on their migrations. Another thing the beaver dams provided was water for the Corrales Fire Department to fight bosque fires. There is an arsonist whose been starting bosque fires and there is so little water in the clearwater ditch right now that a fire pump sucks the ditch dry in minutes. The Fire Department is building dams in the ditch to try and raise the water level plus they are adding water to the ditch. However, without the dams, the added water will just flow downstream and soak into the mud. By removing the beaver dams, the Conservancy has created a really serious problem for all the critters and people who live along the Rio Grande.

Here’s Bite Em On The Old Shin Bone for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Chem-trail in the dark

Moon and Tangle Heart Tree

54 thoughts on “Roger B-9 No Water

  1. Amazing shots, Timothy.
    And damn humans… If they just left nature to do its thing… of course damn the fire starters too. What is wrong with people?

  2. The Conservancy seems to have failed its duties. Why not let the beavers do what they have done for how long? They seem to have a much better idea.

    • The Conservancy is typical of a government agency in that what it really does is the opposite of its name. It does not conserve it destroys. A lot of water problems in the west actually has to do with the decimation of beavers and destroying the wetlands they build.

      • Hi Jordan. I have to disagree on how precious water is. If it were precious, we wouldn’t pee in fresh drinking water. There’s all kinds of arguments about the cost etc. of using recycled gray water in toilets. If water were so precious a lot more water recycling and conservation would happen.

      • It’s my understanding that more water recycling and conservation doesn’t happen Due to so many LLCs that own the water And want people to pay for new for profit. It’s a big business composed of thousands and thousands of quiet accounts. No conspiracy, just is what it is. I had TOO many clients in Colorado pay me with checks from their Water Accounts. It’s a huge business, and almost goes unnoticed.

      • Remember the verse
        “In the morning you go gunning
        For the man who stole your water”? Steely Dan. That’s the way it is out here with irrigation water.

      • Yes, I do remember that, though hadn’t connected the two, as when enjoying Steely Dan, client checks with “Whatever H2OhMy, LLC” or the like are nowhere near the back 40 of my mental real estate where I hang out with headphones. 🙂

      • En el mundo de las acequias there are unwritten rules and traditions for sharing water. People who grow up irrigating know the rules, but then there are people who move in from out of state, who have no clue about the sacred rules of the acequias, and if they don’t bother to ask, so they get themselves in trouble with La Llorona. Oops! Parece que La Llorona ahogó a otro tonto en la acequia. In recent years there had been some real knockdown drag outs over people not knowing the rules opening main gates before other people were finished watering. Now the majordomo locks the gates so people can’t open or close them without permission. That has been pretty effective in mitigating disputes, much to the disappointment of La Llorona.

  3. An arsonist and horse murderer are enough to give anyone nightmares. I hope they catch this person or persons soon.

    Seems like the Fire Department and Conservancy should have an in depth discussion. How does the Fire Department feel about the beavers?

    • Hi Lavinia. We were talking to the Fire Marshall. He said he’s tried to get the Conservancy to leave the beaver dams. But they won’t listen to anyone. Their mission is seek and destroy.

      • You answered my question about the FD and the Conservancy. It may be a case of old fashioned stupidity when it comes to water resources, which is quite prevalent in the west.

      • The Conservancy workers simply do as they are tod. It’s difficult to change crusty old government agencies that are stuck in the 30s about conservation.

      • I get it. Some of them haven’t come out of the forest since then, and I respect that stick-to-it-I’ve-ness, except for when it comes to terraforming the beaver dams out of the way.

      • They are still in a mindset that beaver dams in the drainage ditch will raise the water table. Never mind the fact the water table is much lower because of demands on water. The cottonwoods would appreciate a little higher water table.

  4. Jet contrails are a result of hot engine exhaust meeting cold air. How long a contrail persists is a function of moisture level at altitude. Chemtrails, a product of the super-secret agency or super-secret military experiment. Super secrecy and government do not go together. 🙄🙄🙄

    • Hi picpholio. The argument for taking out beaver dams is no longer valid. The Conservancy thinks the dams will raise the water table and cause problems with the septic systems, but the water table has dropped for a lot of reasons and the beavers wouldn’t be able to raise it enough to effect septic systems these day. 30 years ago, maybe, but not today.

  5. I read your comment about the acequias. While there was a lot I did not follow, I think I got the gist.

    I’m sorry to hear about the beavers and hope a change of heart will come before it is too late.

  6. My Dad has beavers at his pond, and when he first got the land he was going to get rid of them (it was recommended by many), but then he got to know them a bit – took a course at Oregon State Univ. on pond management and opened up a whole new world for him. You guys would get along well! And awesome moon shots!

    • Hi Randall. Your dad is a wise man. I don’t know why people have so much trouble with nature. The beavers are very good at managing water. Much better than we are.

  7. I do remember this song! Love it. Actually the style suits your voice a lot. Listening to the old chin bone…BONE… !!!
    Sometimes, when I look at your trees, I feel like a kid in a magic tree candy store.
    I’ve been working on episode 2, and at the beginning PBH’s Tangle-Heart looks to the moon (It’s a wonderful shot!) & connects to Dale’s magic Peach Tree Orb.
    This one is even more wonderful. Is there no end to your trees and my needs?

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