47 thoughts on “Long Shadows

      • You’re welcome, Tim. For the first year or so I was on Twitter, I made some good literary connections which led to interviews and a story publication. But that’s no longer the case.

      • That was worthwhile. I was on LinkedIn, but found it useless and dumped it. I only have my blog, YouTube and SoundCloud these days.

  1. Don’t you just love when something so simple captures your eye and you can sit there in wonder, then write the perfect TimKu to go with it? I know we sure appreciate when you do!

  2. Your talent never ends. I love the way you are always on the lookout for photos and how your observations turn into Timkues. Really enjoyed this post, Tim. Thank you.

    • I like “anticipation” also. Although, there is always Frantenfurter’s quote in The Rocky Horror Picture Show “I see you shiver with An-tic-i-PAtion” in the back of my mind. Thanks, Rebecca.

      • Could be. They have posting “Steel Panther TV presents: Who’s Your Daddy(‘s Jokes)” on YouTube over the past week, with really stupid jokes. But they sure get a lot of views.

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