55 thoughts on “Peekaboo I See You

  1. Great sequence with the near and the far. The owl, looking out! The bird in full flight ….And the last one reminds me of two elegant models pausing on the runway!

  2. These are stunning Tim. That last one is especially beautiful. There eyes look orange and dark red. It is great to see the owls again. Is that the nest you made them when the tree was cut down where they had nested for years?

  3. It is good to see the owls again! I loved all the photos, especially the cranes. That was a nice catch. One looking ahead into the new year to come, one looking back at everything from this year. I’ll think of them on New Year’s eve.

  4. What a stunning collection of bird photographs!!! I love bird watching. I have hummingbirds coming into my backyard daily! Anyway, these are gorgeous shots and I especially love the owl! 💗

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