23 thoughts on “More Red & Green

  1. Great red and green, Tim. Do the birds eat the Red cottonwood catkins fruit/flowers? And the green is a beautiful brilliant green. I really like the shape of the leaves, sort of heart or spade-like.

      • Hi Tim, I’ll remember not to eat the red pre-cotton catkins. The photo of the skeleton of the cottonwood leaf is beautiful and your photo is spectacular. It reminds me of a cross section of a long bone, a very delicate sort of a honeycomb. Thank you for the link, and congratulations on your two year anniversary, soon to be three!

    • Hi Resa. The trees are now putting on what we call “Tatones”, little green pods that hold the cotton. When the pods mature, they burst open filling the air with cotton, which are seeds. It looks like snow in June when the cotton is flying about in the wind. Your tree is full of tatones and will produce a lot of cotton this year.

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