The Great Cheese Standoff


Silver, Loki, and Marble were having a standoff over a dish of cheese this morning.

These photos taken at sunset into dusk are what 30% chance of snow looks like.

76 thoughts on “The Great Cheese Standoff

  1. Well, I can’t resist. Marble is Angel Eyes, Loki is Tuco, and Silver is Blondie. There they are at the “cemetery” waiting to “fill their hands” for the cheese. All we need is some Ennio Morriconi sound track.

    • Thanks, Dawn. Loki is the black kitty. Marble is the tortoiseshell. Is Isis a sassy and feisty kitty like Marble?

  2. Marble looks like she is ready to zip in and grab the cheese.

    Some beautiful wild skies there, Tim. It is overcast here today, but thinning, the sun trying to burn through.

    • Marble got her share. We got a dusting of snow last night. It’s clear with icy winds this morning. I’m on doggy duty at the office, and the wind was cold when I had Buddy outside to do his doggy “dooty”.

  3. Wow the sky there is always crazy beautiful. Great photography my friend. Your cats are so beautiful. I gave Scott a cat just under sixteen years ago and we had to call lap of love last week. It was hard. Our cats are all gone now. We just have Esther our little 9lb girl. They both love cheese too. That is a great shot. They each respect the other. I was hearing western shoot out music 🎢. Pretty sweet. I love the way the heart tree looks in the sunset photographs it is so eye catching. Beautiful. β€οΈπŸ€—

    • They all got their share.The question is who was on first? That I don’t know. Thanks, Julie.

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