Speed Test


I got home very late tonight after helping the CenturyLink/Lumen tech get us connected to the fiber in our building and troubleshooting the upload speed. After two hours of troubleshooting, we got a good clock speed on Speed Test.

Dissipating clouds after dusting us with snow.

Speedy. We had 50 Mbps up and down. It only took a year to convince CL/Lumin we have fiber in the building.

The sky when I got home tonight.

66 thoughts on “Speed Test

  1. You get some beautiful cloud formations in your area. You have a clear night there, and it will probably be pretty cold in the morning. It has been overcast up here today for the most part, and hovering in the mid 40s. No moon and star viewing up here tonight.

  2. What a beautiful sky! Where I live, there’s too much light pollution to see many stars. When I was a kid, living way out in the country, the sky was like a black velvet blanket of stars. I miss it.

    • We could see the Milky Way when I was a kid. You see what I can see now. Thanks, KT. How’s your wrist?

      • In a cast that has a wedge inserted to keep the big bone lined up, since last Tuesday. I had a checkup yesterday, with X-rays, and it’s healing correctly, so no surgery. I go back in three weeks to see if I can transition to a brace. Now, it’s just a matter of time. I was told it will give me trouble, pain and swelling, for up to a year, but I’ve been through worse. And you, Tim, have been through much worse. One rarely gets to be our age without going through some serious ailments. Thanks for caring.

      • That’s great no surgery required. I’ve been through two cancers and a stem cell transplant. I have lots of side effects from all the chemo.

      • But you’re still out there doing all kinds of things in spite of the side effects. It takes a strong-willed, positive person to keep on keeping on like you have.

  3. Serious speed, but I think CL/Lumen probably can give you better speed since we’re talking fiber.

    When setting up internet/phone service at Megan’s new place, CL/Lumen sent three techs to see if they could set up the service. Megan’s place sits at the end of their service line. While the office saw no problem, the techs said differently. The techs said a new pedestal, possibly a new switch box needs to be installed. New cable would be need to be laid, that would tie in to the AT&T fiber in the valley. Not exactly an easy install. The techs said it might be easier to connect with Xfinity/Comcast. Megan talked with Xfinity, they said can get her set up in three days. Porting her old phone number couldn’t be done, but that was okay. Three days later, Megan had internet service. Phone service took a couple of weeks to get going. Her package, 600 down, 20 up, which is good enough for her. Speed test, 715 down, 25 up. Xfinity didn’t have to lay cable. Apparently, they have buried cable in the area. Price wise, she’s saving $30 versus the CL/Lumen package, and has better speed. Extra perk, a free streaming video box. There is a lot of free streaming content, so there is no need to subscribe for anything.

    Nice sky pics.

    • Yes they can. They just can’t figure out which contract to use. The tech asked what are company does and whether we were busy. I told him what we did and said we are very busy and we can’t find enough staff. People don’t apply for the jobs we are advertising. I asked if they CL/Lumen was busy. He said no. We were his only call this week so far. That explained a lot of the contractual BS that has been going on with CL/Lumen.

      • I’m not surprised by the difficulty of finding staff. Ginny has said with the university going back to full-time, in-person teaching, they can’t find enough adjunct faculty – particularly in math, chemistry and physics. She said I probably can find a teaching job. The problem is they are not paying enough. Teaching assistantships goes for about $8500. Adjunct faculty is paid 3/4 of that amount for two sections. When the adjunct appointment ends, instead of saying the appointment ended, they terminate with cause. They’re doing it so they don’t have to pay into retirement fund for state employees and they don’t have to contribute to the unemployment fund.

      • I haven’t heard the state of university staff, but public schools are very short handed on teachers and especially substitute teachers. Universities are notorious for treating adjunct faculty that way.

      • I don’t know if you saw this, but while doing the morning read around, this morning, Lumen is disconnecting Russia from the internet backbone, following Cogent’s lead. CL/Lumen tried to downplay its role in disconnecting Russia, saying they have few consumer and business customers in that part of the world. That’s a whopper since CL/Lumen is a major internet backbone provider and provides key internet connections in Eastern Europe and Russia.. Since that’s the case, I wonder if you live in, say Eastern Europe and your internet goes down, if your support call is routed to the “back office” in Denver?

  4. Wow how beautiful. You are a Jack of all trades my friend. You are talented in so many areas. I love your new sign too. It really stands out. 👍

  5. Very nice performance – we finally got fiber out here in the country last year – went from a laughable 1.5 to 225 – you’d think we were in heaven ha.

    • I have a gig down and 35 up on cable at home now. We had 1.5 for years. That was living life in slow mo. Thanks, Brian.

      • Yep – the up was also a huge improvement as we went from .7 to 255 as well (synchronous up and down 255). I no longer have to wait a day for my photos to be uploaded to our online gallery!…

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