I didn’t see Daddy Owl when I first went out tonight, and Mama Owl’s ear tufts just barely showed in her nest. I walked over to see the cranes. On the way back from the cranes I could hear Mama Owl hooting from her nest, but there was no answer from Daddy Owl. When I got up to our gate, I heard Daddy Owl answering with different hoots than the normal hoots when he answers Mama Owl. It was getting dark, but I walked down to see what was up with Daddy Owl. He had a gopher. He sat on a large branch and continued his hooting. When the dusk was almost darkness, I saw the silhouette of Mama Owl pop up out of the nest. The Bazooka could not focus on her in the darkness. She flew over to Daddy Owl, he gave her the gopher, and she flew back to her nest. I got a blurry shot right after Daddy Owl gave Mama Owl the gopher.

You can see how much bigger Mama Owl is than Daddy Owl.

Almost half-moon tonight

54 thoughts on “Exchange

  1. I love that you can capture the exchanges between Daddy and Mama owl. Nature at its best! And those skies… always, those skies…

  2. Absolutely delightful owl story, Timothy. I love that you are so familiar with them that you recognized a different hoot, checked it out. Incredible photos too.

    • Thanks, Jet. When Daddy wasn’t in is normal spot earlier in the evening, I knew something was up.

  3. Daddy Owl fetched Mama Owl a nice take-out meal. She is hard at work incubating their eggs. You are close to all these denizens of the bosque and know their ways, Tim.

    The skies down there are beautiful at any time of day, and thanks for the moon update. It was clear and cold last night, 23 degrees at dawn here today. The sky is milking up a bit, but the morning sun is warm, and it is forecast to get into the 50s today.

    • They are both dedicated and hard working. 30 minutes after I took the moon photos it was overcast and it stayed cloudy all night long as far as I can tell, since the morning temp was 33. It’s still overcast. Thanks, Lavinia.

  4. Do you get tired of me saying amazing?? Awesome… incredible… fabulous… and how about marvelous. I loved all the shots and enjoyed the last one with the cranes flying. Bravo!

    • Thanks, Heady. Owls are not the brainist of birds for being thought of as wise. But they are survivors, which may be where their wisdom comes from.

    • I could imagine he’s saying “Hey honey. I have a big fat gopher for you!” Mama Owl: “It’s about time! I’m starving.” Thanks, JYP.

    • It’s finally warmed up enough yesterday for water with soaker hoses yesterday. I had to repair a couple of broken hoses I pulled out of gopher mounds. Thanks, Brian.

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