Resa’s tree was breathing fire this morning.

Another night. Another crescent moon.

63 thoughts on “Dragoning

  1. Resa’s tree put on quite a fiery performance!

    It was good to see Sasha. Those are some teeth! I zoomed in. She looks like she has some gingivitis going on, possibly a FORL as well.

    The clouds, river and Sandias are beautiful, as always. The moon shots are always a treat. It cleared here again around sundown, and I got another good view of the moon here.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I noticed Sasha was missing some teeth last year. I took her in and had her teeth cleaned. We think her allergy med is hard on her teeth because it is such a strong immune supressent. I’ll have to get her teeth rechecked next year.

      • She’s on ATOPICA® for Cats (cyclosporine oral solution). It’s a very strong immune suppresent. I try to give her as little as possible to keep her from licking all the hair off her belly.

      • Good luck with the itching blues. One vet here told me they don’t don’t know why, but there has been an increase in these weird allergies here in the valley.

  2. Oh, my goodness!!!!! Two of my favorite things… clouds and dragons!
    Kitties are adorably dragoning and as for the skies… even the leftovers are breathtaking!

  3. Resa’s tree was breathing fire! Sasha… I’m sorry but I’d not fear this dragon 😉
    Gorgeous clouds, as per!

  4. Great photographs of the dragon pose. That fire breathing tree was an amazing photograph, wow. Pretty cool post. You always have so much in every post. The crescent moon shot I loved. Big hugs you two. ❤️🤗

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