The forecast was for rain between 2:00 am and 5:00 am, clearing after sunrise with winds in the afternoon. They got the clearing after sunrise and winds right. We didn’t get a drop of rain that I could tell. On my way home at 4:15 pm, the dust made clouds that obscured the sun.

36 thoughts on “Dusty

  1. Even your dust is spectacular!!!
    On a side note, yesterday driving home I saw the Moon but had no camera to capture it as there was something about it. I was certain however you’d capture that special Moon. Thank you!!!!

    • You are welcome, Marina. I could not see the moon through the dust until I was almost inside. I was watching for it and couldn’t see it and then like magic it suddenly appeared. Tyche made it clear to the dust to reveal the moon just in time for me to get a shot of it for you. Deities originated “just in time” delivery. Thanks for stopping by to see your moon.

  2. I enjoyed the set of photos, Tim, and look forward to the new owlets when they appear.

    We did get a break post sundown yesterday and I got the see the growing sliver moon.

  3. Love the effects the dust had. Nice to know Daddy Owl is keeping watch. Those silhouettes are so lovely and that crescent moon? Divine!

    • Thanks, Dale. I almost missed the moon. Tyche made it appear so I could photo graph it for Marina.

  4. I’m surprised the owls nest when it’s so cold. It was 80 degrees here the other day, and the next day, it was cold, windy, raining, and freezing the animals’ water at night. I hate those sudden temperature changes. Love the colorful photos!

    • One pair starts sitting at the end of January. They know the timing for there little ones. We’ve been all over the place on temps. Ususally warm during the day, but still gets into the teens most nights.

  5. Our rain ended up coming in as snow so everything is white again – still waiting to see our resident Owls (mainly Barreds) to show themselves – I hear them at night, but so far no luck in actually seeing one. Interesting dust cloud patterns.

  6. Amazing photographs Tim. The owls are so beautiful. I can never get enough at looking at them. Scott likes to go in your site with me. We enjoyed our visit very much. Amazing thank you Tim. ❤️

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