Kitty Print

A kitty print. Which kitty remains a mystery.

Purple ice mimicking the pTerodactyl on the clearwater ditch.

pTerodactyl flying over the clearwater ditch

Sandias and cranes at dusk.

Purple Tangle Heart with crescent moon


Dusk and crescent moon

Persistence of dusk with crescent moon

Crescent moon

46 thoughts on “Kitty Print

  1. Those are beautiful photos, Tim. You get some nice colors in the sky down there. The kitty print is nice too.

    No moon seen here tonight, and it is good to see it here on your site. It has been mostly cloudy all day and is overcast tonight. A good chorus of tree frogs is going out there at this time. It is 45 degrees.

    • The snow is a little cold for the kitties in 1 degree temps. Only quick steps onto in a back inside. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. These are amazingly beautiful, that kitty has a big paw 🐾. The Tangle Heart with the moon peering through … sigh! Gorgeous scenes Timothy , I esp love the blue Pterodactyl swooping over the clearance . One of your very best

  3. Your icy pTerodactyl made me smile; I loved seeing the moon close up and tiny in the same post and the trees in ‘Dusk and crescent moon’ seemed to be dancing as I scrolled. Bravo!

  4. Stole my tree.
    I hope I can find the Tangle-Heart pic I need for the next PBH post!
    Although I do my best to catalogue used & not used trees, it’s a mess over here.

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