Cold Color

9ºF (-12.8ºC) at Dawn

Tommy Towhee puffed at 17ºF (-8.3ºC)

Crow and Clouds

Sunset at 17ºF (-8.3ºC) looking north on the levee

A bit of cold color through the trees looking west

Sliver moon at dusk

54 thoughts on “Cold Color

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. There is a constant highway of crows flying up and down the river. I don’t know where they come from or where they go, but there is an ever present stream of crows overhead. It was funny how the crane started his landing with his legs tucked under it instead of being stretched out behind. It seemed to throw him off in his initial decent.

  1. Fantastic wintry series here, Timothy, and much appreciated. The chill and splendor of the wilderness settings and wildlife and colors. Love the landing of the sandhill crane. And that close-up moon shot is astounding. Thanks for this elegant slice of NM.

  2. Those are beautiful photos from a very cold day. I did get to see the moon here last night, as we had a relatively clear sundown. A perfect moon-eye gazing out in the universe. Mornings have been around freezing, with daytime temperatures in the 40s and 50s. It is quite foggy here this morning.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The high today will be around freezing. It was 1 this morning, and it will probably drop below zero by tomorrow morning.

  3. That landing crane was incredible. I was too cold to go out and look for the moon last night… I have Arizona Blood and I was too cold. Perhaps tonight.
    Love your pictures. THANK YOU!

  4. Tommy practically looks round! Looks like you are having the same weather experience we are. Do you bag your camera when you bring it back in from shooting in those low temps to keep the condensation off?

    • No I just wipe them off. It’s super dry here. The cameras and lenses are whether sealed, also. Thanks, Brian.

  5. As always I am blown away by how many photographs you put on a post. So many beautiful skies and all the bird and even a quarter moon shot. Thanks Tim what a treat.

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