44 thoughts on “Grounded at MasticadoresUsa // Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton

    • Thanks, Lamittan. That’s gret you have a piece being published. One of my clients is from Kenya. He is a real character. There’s never a dull moment when he’s around.

      • Yes, Gabriela published one of mine last week. How wonderful it is to have a character from Kenya who’s sprightly. Thanks for appreciating my country. I’m glad we’ve connected here Tim. It’ll henceforth be my joy reading your pieces.

      • I remember your piece. My client’s dad was a park ranger, and we had talked about going to Kenya to do a photo expedition in the wildlife park. We never got around to doing it because we are always too busy. His dad died last year. He finally got to go home for the memorial, but he said travel is so much trouble now.

      • Oh, I’m so sorry for his loss and grief. He must have been a sweet guy I guess. I hope it ends up well with him here. Visit us when you find time, our wildlife is sure amazing, it’s one of the things tourists all over the world love about Kenya, you can bet.

  1. This is very cool, Timothy ~ seeing your creativity over the years, this one hits on all cylinders. It has the flow of youth and age, a tone of life, and as I told Gabriella, I had to smile at the wisdom of “I’m still standing despite the pain.” 🙂 Awesome!

    • I’m sure you can relate. You are another one who stands tall despite the pain of it all. Thanks, Shey.

      • xxxxxxx. Well, I am 2 times lucky to be here, truly. That’s a secret I share with very few. (Lol, largely on the second count cos I am plainly a freak of nature that way!!!! ) The best to you.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. My body doesn’t like to cooperate like it did when I was young…so many things I do cause physical pain anymore, but I’ll keep on until I can’t. Your poem spoke directly to me, and I’m sure, many others.

  2. I posted my comment on the magazine Tim, it was truly beautiful. You are such a talented man. So much to share. Such a treat to read your work and I will always be such a big fan of your photography. Big hugs, Joni

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