Laurie in the snow

We had our first snowstorm of the year. We have about four inches of snow so far and it’s down to 20ºF (-6.7ºC) as I write. It’s supposed to get into the single digits by morning.

83 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Fantabulous snow shots, Tim!
    We are still waiting for our snow… unfortunately it’s now rain which is supposed to turn to snow over night – Gonna be an ugly drive into work for many, I fear.

  2. They shut down the labs at 1 and sent everyone home. been watching the snow accumulate over here for a while. Sophia was all parrot cuddly before she went to bed.

    • I went home at 3 when it started snowing hard. The kitties have been going out in the catio and coming in all wet. Thanks, Tristan.

  3. Great photographs as always Tim. That is a pretty lady in the blizzard she is posing so lovely too. I really loved that Resa has a tree and it is magnificent. I love the shape of it too. The bird shots are beautiful too. Looks really cold. Big hugs and love to you both, Joni

  4. Wow Timothy, I would never have guessed it from yesterday but it delivered and Laurie look like a snow Goddess. Our trees look so happy. so happy to see this!!! Enjoy the snow and can’t wait to see your snowmen!

  5. I’m not fond of snow, but your photos showcase its beauty. I’m one of those who like to see it for one day, then it all be gone.
    Right now, we’re getting freezing rain that will transition to snow overnight. Maybe as much as six inches. I’m just hoping the freezing rain doesn’t last long before turning over to snow, or the power may go out.

    • I like it to go away quickly to which it usually does out here. I hope you don’t lose power. Thanks, KT.

      • As of this morning, we haven’t gotten as much ice and snow as predicted. And so far, still have power. I think we are in the clear, though, it’s going to snow off and on all day. But like for you, it won’t hang around for long.

  6. What a marvelous shot of Laurie, Timothy. At first I thought it was a sketch. Super photo development.

    Those tiny birds feeding on the seeds are such brave ones. In all their tininest they brave these winters.

    Stunning trees

    • I was happy we leave the grasses until spring so the little birds had easier meals. Many people mow everything to the ground. Thanks, abvr.

      • Oh that is so thoughtful yes. We have problems with overgrowth, so it must be mowed down because of the snakes and also some are very dangerous. Nonetheless there is sufficient grass left.
        You are welcome Timothy

      • No snakes in winter, and the snakes we get in the valley are basically harmless. We don’t have many venomous snakes compared to your part of the world.

  7. Beautiful captures, couldn’t tell which of the sceneries I like most. Also like the way, you added the purple aspects, coming ususally from your colourful skies, this time by the help of Laurie. 🙂

  8. So far still no snow in this part of the world and I’m not complaining. But I remember that we had 30 days of snow in March a few years ago. Meanwhile I’m still counting the days for spring…
    Stay safe and warm, my friends!

  9. Oh, my goodness! Fantastic shots, my friend and paradise is now complete with that gorgeous photo of Laurie in the snow! She colors up the place, not with her outfit but her lovely smile!
    …and all the trees…. sigh!

  10. Snow or no, it doesn’t stop you from taking cracking pictures though!
    Bill, in fort Thomas in KY said yesterday that he had 4inches of snow. It that far away from you, Tim?

  11. Fabulous photos! I thought we were going to get snow, but the high winds blew all the clouds away. Bitter cold, though! The crane shots are especially beautiful, Timothy!

    • Thanks, Nancy. WTH is a nice way of putting it. I think they were saying WTF? It’s supposed to be dry down here!

  12. The snowy trees and winter scenes are beautiful, Tim. We had a little rain last night, but it is mostly cloudy and 34 here this morning. Forecast says we will get some sun today.

  13. Wonderful photos Tim and how fun that you have designated trees for your blogging friends! We’re having our first real snow here in Arkansas too. I’m trying to work up the gumption to go out in 16′ weather!

  14. Excellent photos! It is interesting for us who have winter and snow from November to April to see how much ‘fun’ it is for those who don’t have a similar climate!

  15. So far we are 4 inches ahead of you (temps down to 17 with windchill of -4). Really like the Sandhills in the snow. Wonder if one of those points to its wings and says “Hey guys (and gals), you know we could just go somewhere warm” ha!

    • The cranes think they are already where it’s warm! We are up to 21 after a low of 9. It’s supposed to be colder tonight. Thanks, Brian.

  16. How much and how cold? We had 7 inches Tuesday night into Wednesday. Temps last night -6 F. Today, 17F. Tonight, -3F. The warm-up begins in earnest over the weekend.

  17. It really is amazing to see all the life that sticks around even though our wildest storms; you really captured it well, Tim! Great job

  18. Brrrr….. love those pictures… Winter is a favourite time… I enjoy snow, especially since retirement and I no longer have to drive in it to work lol.. Keep Warm… 🙂

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