49 thoughts on “Spat

  1. I love the bosque birds and fellow creatures. Those are beautiful photos, Tim, including sundown. We did have the possibility of some snow in our forecast, but that has changed as of the last time I looked, and we may get some cold rain instead.

      • I have often wanted to caption these things. But as in not the quick joke but the what is really going on here. I know it is daft but it is just me.

      • I was going to caption the conversation between those two cranes, but I didn’t want to take the time. I think you could get a really good story out of it. You are welcome to write captions and I’ll do another post with the crane conversation if you feel so compelled. I would love to see the creative conversation you would come up with.

      • Lol.. just been busier than usual. None of our family have been well so yeah, a lot of running about for them and taking the kids more than usual and we help with childcare a couple of days every week as it is.

      • We are very lucky and I am sure it looks to people that we HAD to have both girls five mins away on foot but we didn’t. They wanted in to the Ferry which we had moved back to a few years previously for schools and facilities too. Even then they could have been a good bit away but there we go. It is really handy in terms of things like the last fortnight, as well as being able to take the two younger ones on a weekly basis and also collect the older one from school the day we do all that. We think it all works cos we don’t any of us live in one another’s pockets despite the girls living just round a corner from one another.

  2. “Nowhere to somewhere”! I often wonder when I see them gathering busy and flying away at sundown! Cranes on the other hand are doing various ballet moves! So elegant! Why isn’t there a “Crane lake” ballet yet?
    Beautiful sunset… cold approaching.

  3. Wow I am always blown away by the colors you photograph of the sky. Was that blood on the one crane from the fight? Is that normal for them? Such beautiful wildlife Tim, thank you!

    • They have red on their heads. No blood. The spats are more like playing. They never hurt each other that I have seen. Thanks, Joni.

  4. assuredly, one crane told the other crane to get the flock out of there and if ruffled someone’s feathers and their head turned red hehehe.

    • Hahaha! Despite it all, they were still flocking around in the river, covered with snow, instead of flying further south.

  5. A wonderful series of photos, great actions and mood ~ and especially like your final words “The forecast is for snow. Let’s see what happens.” Yeah it happened πŸ™‚

    • Snow certainly happened. So often snow is forecast and we get nothing. It was nice for the forecast to be correct. The cranes are so silly and fun to watch. Thanks, Randall.

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