Trees for Resa

Snow through the window

After raining for about an hour this afternoon, the rain suddenly changed to giant snowflakes that were coming down thick in the waning light. I ran out and got photos of the falling snow. In the process I got photos of three cottonwood trees I photograph quite often as conditions change. Resa, who has two blogs I follow, Art Gowns and Graffiti Lux Art & More, thinks Mia is lucky to have her own tree. I told Resa she can have a tree if she would like, so I’m putting up four possible candidates. The first three cottonwoods are on our property, and the fourth is by our cattle ramp. The cattle ramp is on our property but the cottonwood is not, and I don’t photograph that whole tree very often. However, it’s a cool looking cottonwood and is situated so it gets good backlighting in the morning and the afternoon. Plus it has a cattle ramp next to it. But Resa can decide if she like any of these trees or wants to look through previous posts to see if she can find a tree that calls to her. Below are a few links to previous posts that include photos of the first three trees:





Five Miles in the Snow


We went out for a walk early this morning and walked five miles in the snow. We headed south on the levee for a change of scenery.


Cranes glided through the snow.
Entrance to the enchanted bosque.
Laurie at the entrance to the enchanted bosque.
Laurie walked in to see what spirits might be lurking about in the snow.
She came out and signaled all safe. The spirits were taking a snow day.

Snowy Kitty In The Window


Spunk could come in the house through the kitty door on the other side of the house (often we let in the front door and he just walks straight through the house and goes right back outside through the kitty door), but he chooses to be a drama queen, and act desperate sitting on the rail outside by the front door, looking sadly in the window, begging us to let him in. Today he was particularly sad, stuck outside, all covered in snow. While Spunk was going through his sad cat routine, Najar jumped up on the window sill to add her two cents worth about how silly he is.