55 thoughts on “Snowbound

    • Surprisingly, the snow is not crunchy. It has stayed soft. It was very cold when it snowed, so the snow was very light, granular, and dry. Since it has not gotten much above freezing since it snowed, the snow has not gone through the thaw and freeze cycles that makes it hard and crunchy. It’s supposed to warm up a lot tomorrow, so whatever snow remains will start becoming crunchy, I’m sure. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Good fate and fat for the leaf. On another subject, my brother sent the results of his DNA analysis. He, which is we, are mostly Scottish, then almost equal English and then Welsh.

      • There you go. (Naturally you are more Scots !!!) I keep meaning to get mine done. I’ve done all my history as far as I can and from the names and places they were from, it’s very mixed blood. But it is truly fascinating. You think you kind of came from where you are but it is astonishing how people moved throughout history. And what interested me re it on a basic level was when you were in the local Fam Hist centre here cos they ahd various records although only any from 1850 were any use for me, those who’d proudly proclaim that their ancestors had lived for hundreds of years in the same area, were the most boring, dyed in a shop of wool kinds. Awful to say but they were and those whose people had moved constantly, who were always the strangers were the most interesting, creative and forward thinking.

      • Our earliest ancestors came to American in the early 1700s and mostly stayed on the east coast and in the Midwest. It wasn’t until the 1940s they made they way down to the southwest and out the west coast. My Grandma, my dad’s mom, homesteaded in Wyoming as a single woman in 1918. She was a real pioneer. She lived to be 101.

  1. So many fates for that one autumn blown leaf…. May the snow melt and set it free, that it may float down river to find its rightful resting place…. And I Pray more hearts are set free, we do not wish them crushed underfoot!….. Thank you dear Tim… Great Poem and photo…

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