Søren. I know you tell the cats to “STOP” all the time and they don’t listen to you. What makes you think they can read?

Silver caught Cator Mortis from Loki. Glenda is the black cat in the foreground in the middle picture.

Sky views

Moon at sunset

Caw of the wild. I think this is a whiny juvenile crow.

These flowers grow from bulbs. They are like a cross between a Shasta Daisy and a sunflower.

A fine end to the day

50 thoughts on “STOP!

  1. I laughed with the stop sign, and enjoyed all the images.
    The last flower image is drop dead gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Susan. Søren was a really good sport with the stop sign. Those flowers are really interesting. One of the neighbors gave Sarah, who lives just north of us, a whole bunch of the bulbs, so she gave some of the bulbs to us. I planted them in February.

  2. The moon shot is a bravo!!!
    Søren is adorable, and of course cats can read. Stop means advance. Off limits means – go to the edge of the limit and flick tail sneakily onto the limit.
    Jeep has to approve all flavours of cat food, before I can open the tin. I showed her the label that read “Salmon” this morning. She approved. When I served the salmon, she informed me that she read “Trout”, and was expecting trout.
    Adore all your pics!

  3. This is fabulous all around. How did you get Søren to hold the sign like that?
    Those hybrid flowers are so lovely.
    Great moon and sunset, too!

      • Our cats get talked to in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Welsh, and Icelandic, and they generally ignore all of them. However, they do respond to “Kitty Food!”, “¡Comida para gatitos!”, “Cibo per gattini! “, “Nourriture pour chaton !”, “Bwyd Kitty!”, and “Kisufóður!”

      • The Boa can’t hear. Therefore, she doesn’t listen at all.

        In all seriousness, the cats communicate to some extent. They present themselves, meow for things, and do respond to us talking to them. But it’s very basic.

        The birds are a whole other story. Beaker is like having a 3-year-old, and Søren is like a 5-year-old. Beaker doesn’t really talk, but he tells us what he wants and he tells us what to do. He reads labels and understands us very well. We understand him most of the time.

        Søren not only understands us, he tells us what he thinks. He laughs at us and with us. He calls us names, he mocks us and he mimics us. He cusses the cats out often, and he cusses at us sometimes. He learns songs and phrases then he makes up his own variations of the songs and phrases. Most everything is well understood between us

      • Fair point. I didn’t know that about boas, but that makes sense.
        And I get it re: the cats and communication. That’s so cool about Beaker and Soren! Did you train them?
        I feel like your house must be an interesting place with this cast of characters!

      • Let’s just say the birds and the cats have us well trained. Never a dull moment around our place.

  4. That is a beautiful selection of photos from your corner of the world, Tim. How old are Beaker and Søren now? I think those are the only two birds you have. I love that photo of Søren with the STOP sign.

    • Cats feign illiteracy unless it reads “Cat Food” or “Mexcian Cheese Blend” or “Chicken Thighs”, etc. Thanks, Brian.

  5. These are great photos of your feline family. I hope the rest of them don’t catch the Cator Mortis! I love all of your narratives they really make me laugh. The parrot is hilarious holding the stop sign for the feline characters. I am always blown away by your moon photographs and the sunset was amazing. What a beautiful day indeed on the Rio Grande. Hugs to you two! xoxoxo Joni

      • That is so funny. We have only the one cat now. He is a talker which is funny but sometimes he gets so loud you can literally hear him all over the house. I think he also has cator mortis. They sure are fun. 🐈🐈‍⬛😻

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