54 thoughts on “River Shark Reflecting

    • Hi Darren. There are sharks that swim into fresh water. The fin I photographic is probably a large catfish. Close enough to a river shark

  1. Wow I thought it was you holding up half of a surf board and some one else taking the photos and then I did some research. I had no idea that there are river sharks. Bull sharks which are the most aggressive and the most dangerous sharks in the world and then the speartooth shark that is not as dangerous. They keep track of both of these species because they are oddly ever seen. So you may have yourself an endangered species popping up there by the Rio Grande.

    I still think either you or your honey is holding up a surf board, pretty funny Tim. Great photography whoever is holding the camera. Just kidding of course as these are very rare. Sending you both big hugs and love, Joni

    • Real river sharks can’t make it up this far, but those big catfish are pretty shark-like. Thanks, Joni.

      • That is wild. They may be close to being over fifty who knows. We got the biggest kick out of that. I have never seen one with a fin like that. Pretty cool Tim. That was like a very cool post showing so many of your gifts. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ¦ˆπŸ¦ˆ

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