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    • Hi Patrick. We have a lot of native bees, bumblebees and honey bees. The honey bees often drive out native bee populations, but our native bees are holding their own.

      • WOW, your way south! What is the water supply like down there? Is there drought as they commented on on local news?

      • No water down this way. As I just commented on vovazinger’s post, our reservoirs are drying up.

      • that is all connected to lake mead up north from you. i just wrote on a local post that they should take heavy equipment trucks over there and dig a canal to the areas where there is drought. by us we have the I&M Canal and it was hand dug, its very long, and if they could hand dig a canal that long with hand shovels way back when then making a canal to going to drought areas shouldnt be so hard to do. bring the water to the area needed by letting it flow there. its a matter of just doing it. the forest fires in california and above that state the particles are coming all the way to Illinois.

      • Lake mead is 500 miles west of us in Nevada and Arizona. I live on the Rio Grande. The headwaters are in southern Colorado.

      • we have honey we use with our fruit smooties that are homemade. i use to insall hardwood flooring when i was young in kankakee illinois and a armenian guy i worked for his son had a bee farm, he raised bees. that was close to 35 years ago. there was information out there in the science community that there was aconcerns about bee health of some kind of spray being used to irradicat forigen inscets, ya know what i mean? theres too many of thema nd their not from the USA. was speaking to a state park lady everytime we go out there she mentions the problems associated with the invasive plants such as the poison hemlock plants thats listed online that had been invading gardens.

      • im currently keeping an eye on the neighborhood trees. was standing in my back yard with both walking canes, heard cracking sounds looked to the south and watched a half ages tree just fall over with all the leaves on it, no wind no rain, it just fell over in the middle of the day. there are huge branches just falling off trees that look as healthy as can be. i dont get it there is something wrong with the vegetation and trees. we have a locus tree in the front and a tree im unsure of in the back and both trees for the first time we had lived here had both been dripping a a oooz type of suryp looking stuff right on the ground. got some free trees from the seria club they mailed to us, am not sur eif i spelt their name correctly yet i planted them in one bunch in theback yard and now they have a odd looking mold growing on them. some really bizzare things had been happening to the vegetation.

      • It’s hard to say. We had infestations of pine beetles that reeked havoc on the pinon trees several years ago. For many years we had elm beetles that stripped the elm tree. Elms are super hardy so they outlasted the elm beetle infestation. Pestilence runs in cycles.

      • i had cheese. no bread. just opened the meat drawer and ate some cheese, gave my cat some of it too.

      • Our cats love cheese. Mexican 4 cheese blend is their favorite. It has to be just the right tempresture. They are so picky.

      • we buy sarengeto 4 cheese mexican cheese that we use to make non cooked foods with that are healthy, were trying to make healiter choices in our age.

      • whats the tempature like in new mexico currently and is it normal by your interpretation and or hotter then normal?

      • well, crop yeild is normal, then are they putting restirctions of water usage for other things?

      • I don’t plant anything other than what we have because I can’t get enough water for it. We have severe water restrictions.

      • in plainfield north of us by niot far at all, they currently have a boil order. our water is bad in JIoliet, the mayor Bobn o’dekirk istrying to get water from lake michigan

      • there is a spanish man with j&g general contractors, lives right across the street from us, replaced a water heater in the middle of a stright line derecho, he did good work and never seen anyone do that type of work in a server storm, yet when he was in the basement he told us that all the residents should replace all their water lines as the junk is coating all the lines causing sickness. i began writing to Universities and one area studys wastewater and found infected covid patients pass covid through their poop and pee. there is a site i think its COVIDPoop19 or COVIDPoop19.org

      • we have a need of replacing 500 miles of water mains under ground along with the pumps. when id talk to the city road crew they put a blair smith clamp on the broken water mains that costs $700 dollars to $3500 dollars per clamp, we have the new madrid fault line by us besides mount carmel illinois that gets earthquakes, illinois is all soft sand, limestone, clay, top soil, when waves travel a long distance they run into cement foundations and they crack, our did, the oct 3rd 2021 flood we had a lot of water in our basement all do to plate tectonic movement

      • on the news they stated there are california areas that have restrictions on water.

      • the forest fires in california super heated the air, then when there is a trouff that blows east that heat transfers over to the east from the west. that is part of the high heats we had in northern illinois. i put up two themometers, one on the telephone pole in the alley so everyone could read it as they drive their cars to their garage and one in the shade by the door jam of the garage. one is a metal coil the other is mercury. we had back to back 90 degree temps that the area hasnt ever seen much less raining in the middle of winter as we were use to blizzards.

      • The normal state of New Mexico is to be in drought, but it’s worse than the normal state of drought right now. I normally would be irrigating for the 13th time this week. I’ve irrigated 5 times since April, Normally I get to irrigate 15 times from April 1st to the end of October. My allocation was cut by a two thirds this year.

      • I’m not a farmer. But I have roses, fruit trees, and wild flowers I irrigate. I have irrigation rights under the state constitution that I maintain. I continue a tradition of irrigating that has gone of for over 300 years in the Rio Grande valley.

      • apple trees and peaches. good choice of fruits. some around here have crab apple trees. some have gardens in their own yards to curb costs at the store. i planted a potato in my back yard by the small garage door and it would grow at all, it has water as ive watered it, its a thin quarter inch stem about four inches high and would grow taller then that. the tomato plant i planted was a pre started plant without the tomatos on it, i planted it by the big garage door where there is more sunlight and it grew cherry tomatos

      • oh, by the way, beware of facebook, their owner out spy bugs in messanger. you might be able to search that on http://www.ZDnet.com that is a site for people to comprehend pc stuff and they list a ton of problems associated with the internet and lack of security of normal pc’s.

      • up here they grow cattle corn for feed for cattle and soybean mainly yet the farm fields seem to be lessening from population growth.

      • There are a few commercial orchards and fields left out here. Mostly multi-million dollar homes occupy former crop land.

      • too much polulation growth and building across land is going to keep lessening farm fields and its going to be one of the additives for higher heats

  1. the bee population is about normal in joliet, illinois. neighbor began reinstalling a new gutter system on his home and a whole swam of them came out from behind the gutter and siding. he was safe though.

  2. Looks like quite the busy bee there…knows what he likes and goes after it. And those clouds are spectacular. Unfortunately, my home is in a low area completely surrounded by tall trees, so to view a good sunrise or sunset, I have to travel elsewhere.

    • Hi KT. That’s definitely a problem when you can’t see sunrise or sunset because of the trees. We are in the valley, also, so we miss some things that are very visible from the foothills.

      • The best place I’ve found for photographing sunrises and sunsets is the beach. Until the last couple of years, B. C.) before covid, three friends and I rented a house on the Gulf of Mexico for a week or two every year in early fall. I have a ton of pictures from those trips. Nothing quite as lovely as the sun on the water’s horizon.

  3. “Just Beeing” does not seem to be something bees or other beings can take for granted! Many thanks Timothy for your wonderful pictures and I hope that you will soon get some rain.
    Cari saluti

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