Coyote Convention

I stepped down onto the sandbar at Beaver Point last night and found myself in the middle of a coyote convention.

Click on a photo in the gallery to enlarge in a slide show.

This one took off on its own stepping over piles of trees and sticks left by the beavers.

He had to take a break to eat some grass and make silly faces while chomping on the grass. Click on the gallery for to enlarge the photos in a slide show.

118 thoughts on “Coyote Convention

    • Thanks, Rebecca. They are pretty eerie when you are in the bosque in the dark and they are howling all around you.

    • Thanks, Cindy. These were all really healthy looking. I saw one the other day with mange that looked terrible. I really felt sorry for it.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I usually only see one or two, maybe three coyotes together. The was 8 in this bunch, but they were spread out so I only got 5 at any one time.

  1. Amazing! This was fabulous!
    They are quite healthy and all look to be having a fun convention.
    The ones we see in the Arizona desert are quite skinny.
    I love hearing them at night…
    I also enjoyed your videos. You are quite the talent.
    Fabulous post my friend.

    • Thanks, Nancy. We will see some skinny ones at time, but usually our coyotes see to be feeding themselves very well.

  2. That was one busy convention and it seems they weren’t happy with one participant. I hope he made it safe out of the convention! I’ve always been a fan of coyotes and believe that at least once there should be justice from that Roadrunner!
    Of course I love your “Coyotes” and perfect chorus!
    Not only you get them all to model for you, you give them scores to sing!

  3. Coyotes are a nuisance, no doubt. Yet, you give all the critters their day in the sun/evening which is most generous of you (and beautifully done) and wonderful for us, who are far from (and not sad about it) them!!

  4. Fascinating, what good pictures and I love the video! Those coyotes are numerous and they all look really healthy. We used to hear a few often and catch rare glimpses of them, but not lately.

  5. Remarkable photography and clever and talented video as well. Is there enough game and space to provide adequate habitat to keep the coyotes away from dense residential areas ?

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. They roam around the residential areas and eat the local pets. One reason they are fat and happy.

    • Thanks, JYP. I’m happy you like the photos and the song. Do you have coyotes wherever you happen to be or not to be?

      • Did you know that cats eat grass? Dogs and cats eat grass to to help with digestions, and it helps cats upchuck hairballs. when you wrote “comes from ‘Coyote Ugly’” I assumed you were not referring to the coyote ugly joke. I did a search and I see there was a show called “Coyote Ugly”. Do you know the joke? A man gnaws off his arm to avoid waking up the “coyote ugly” woman he took home while drunk. She’s considered “double coyote ugly” if he later gnaws off the other arm because he knows she’ll be looking for a one armed man.

      • I was re-watching the Coyote Ugly movie recently and was just thinking about this. Hadn’t heard the double coyote ugly joke re: one-armed man.
        I did know about cats and dogs, so coyotes eating grass makes sense, but it just wasn’t something I really considered before.

      • I like movies with good sound tracks. Speaking about offbeat comedies, a hist-com? possibly, have you seen “Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life”? About the life and times of Serge Gainsbourg? It’s a wonderful movie. BTW we found his grave in the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris, France in 2013. There were lots of lipstick kisses, Metro tickets and flowers. A very plain grave for such a celebrity, otherwise.

      • I’m a sucker for dance movies. Yes, Gainsbourg is in French, but there are subtitles.They may have a dubbed version. I think you would find it interesting. His daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, has done some really fun movies, and some controversial movies (Nymphomaniac is one). The scene with Johnny Depp in the film “Happily Ever After” is a wonderful scene:

      • Perfect. One reason we watch French movies is for the French practice. The other is because French films are made for adults and take their audiences seriously. They rarely fall into the rediculous like so many American movies.

  6. I might have found that a little unnerving… I guess as long as they stayed on the other shore. Regardless, this is an absolutely amazing post, Tim. Terrific photos and two great videos. Well done! Hugs on the wing… or the yip. 🙂

  7. Nice shots of the coyotes. Not my favorite animal when close to my homestead, but enjoy watching their behavior in other places (ha). Noticed one was being extremely submissive, possibly a new member to the pack trying to get accepted.

    • I thought the submissive one was trying to be accepted. They were making her fight for her place. Thanks, Brian.

  8. A great song, Tim – lyrics, music & drama. You are a star. I watched that video on the coyotes interaction. Did you notice that they were attacking the weakest in the band. Interesting interaction.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I don’t think she was the weakest coyote. I think she was trying to join the pack. She was doing all the submissive behavior toward the others. She did defend herself when they started getting more serious. I would guess the attack on her, which was not super serious, is part of the initiation process.

      • How interesting, Tim. I noticed that the attacks didn’t lead to anything major and she came back over and over again to connect. Perhaps she will become the leader. A great interaction!!

  9. WOW Timothy, such amazing pictures and footage of the coyotes playing. They are soooo cute and healthy looking. I love watching them in their natural habitat so sweet playing and having fun just not in my backyard. 🤣 They seem to be picking on the one. LOVE your song.. you play well and that is one fancy guitar! 💖❣️

    • Thanks, Cindy. The coyote they were picking on acted like she was trying to join the pack. The “picking on” her is mostly hazing and initiation rites to get into the coyote sorority.

      • of course… thank you. My husband loved it too and your changing of the guitars (i didn’t notice.. details, details.. lol). She was so cute and I heard a little squeal. Yeah, all species seem to have to do that even humans which I don’t love (those sororities.. ) Soooo cute. I’m happy to see them in a different light thanks a lot. 💖💖❣️

      • The black guitar is my black Tele which I built a couple of years ago. The Guild is a jazz guitar. It’s fun to see wild animals playing and having fun, not being scared and only thinking about survival.

      • They are fun to watch, and I hear them every night, but I have no desire to have a coyote as a pet.

  10. Sooo cute, how could anyone be afraid of their fierce destructive hunting nature?
    Well, I turn to Spunkie-Poo 💋 to answer that one!

  11. Great post Tim. Loved your lyrics and the song about the coyotes. That was likely a whole pack were they trying to all mate with the one they were picking on? I liked the way you put the sounds and the photos all together with the song. Very entertaining and interesting to see them like that in the wild. We had one come into our yard one time but we didn’t get too close and it was night but we could tell what kind of animal it was. They are building homes everywhere around here, we are so grateful that our little piece of land (just over an acre has a protective wild life area in the back. They are beautiful animals. Thanks for the great post. Sending big hugs to you two and all the beautiful animals around and the inside critters too. xoxoxoxo Joni

    • The submissive coyote is trying to join the pack. It’s nice to be up against a protected area. Thanks, Joni.

      • Oh well that makes sense. I wonder if she was accepted? It was a treat as I think they are amazing animals and smart. Your photography was beautiful Tim. Love y’all Joni ❤️🤗

      • How wonderful. I didn’t think they were trying to hurt her and I am glad to hear she was accepted. What an amazing video taken in nature. BRAVO 🤗❤️🦋🎶🎤🎼

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