Moon & Venus, Cator Mortis, Lizard, and A Dilemma

The moon, Venus and binary star Spica were aligned tonight. I got the Moon and Venus from the office parking lot. I never saw Spica. I believe Mercury was in the alignment, also, but it was below the horizon by the time I could see Venus.

Loki had a bad case of Cator Mortis this morning.

Spunk was worn out from keeping us safe from monsters and evil spirits during the night.

Silver was chilling. In the chilly morning temps.

Lizard at Laurie’s parent’s house.

The dilemma was that one of the motors on one our HVAC units at the office stopped working. I needed to send a photo of one fan running and the other fan not running to the maintenance person. The photo on the left was taken in regular iPhone mode, which had a shutter speed fast enough to stop the fan that was running. I used an app called Slow Shutter to take the photo on the right, which shows one fan running and the other not running. I had installed Slow Shutter in hopes of photographing lightning on my iPhone. No lightning so far, but it came in handy to solve the dilemma of showing one fan running and the other one not running.

71 thoughts on “Moon & Venus, Cator Mortis, Lizard, and A Dilemma

    • Thanks, Heidi. I was chasing the lizard around the post and it paused for and instant before disappearing on the roof.

  1. Moon and Venus were my companions while driving to the country house. I didn’t get to see Spica either. Beautiful image with the tree! Loki, Spunk and Silver were aligned in a different way! πŸ˜‰
    Mr. Lizard has picked a great place to model for you.
    I hope the HVAC is fixed soon.
    Happy Saturday, my friend.

  2. All the kitties are chilling and the lizard is ready for anything. Life is good. Thanks for sharing all the photos, Tim

  3. Mercury is the hardest to observe. You usually set your telescope with a solar filter and see the planet as a dark spot moving across the face of the sun. In the olden days, an astronomer would look directly at the sun … that’s why so many became blind (one time too many).

    Cator Mortis, I hope Loki could unstiffen himself. πŸ™‚

    Laurie’s parents’ house, the exposed adobe. That is nice.

    • I have solar filters for my lenses, but generally only use them for solar eclipses. Loki got out of it and passed it on to Silver. Cator Mortis is very contagious. Exposed above is interesting, but it has problems.

    • You are welcome, Gabriela. Thank you for stopping by. The lizard is not very large. The lens is lying and exaggerating. The lizard loves looking large in photos, unlike other species.

      • All’s fair with chicken quesadillas and chile. I just had what Laurie called a New Mexican Pho. Ramen with a lot of green chiles. I ate your portion of chile.

      • Aw.. thank you.. I have to check those links. I was in Japan. I certainly ate their tempura, Wagyu beef, noodles.. I do not eat sushi 😊 But you know what was funny? It was a high end kind of trip and they kept taking us to French restaurants. Apparently they think French is best. I did not know that till I got there 😊

      • I like using Ramen noodles as a base for veggies, different meats and chiles. What I had this afternoon the noodles with a semi-hard thin diced beef sticks and a lot of green chile.

      • I don’t think the Japanese eat spicy food like we do or hot like Thai food. I don’t think many people put green chile on Ramen. I’m weird.

        That’s funny about French restaurants in Japan. I don’t do Sushi either. I don’t like fish in general, but I certainly want it cooked.

        There was a Korean restaurant we used to go to in the 80s and 90s. One time there was a Korean family having a party. The waiter brought them a big fish that was still alive. I guess if you want to make sure your fish is really fresh.

      • You are right. The Japanese food is less spicy that Thai, and certainly less spicy than chile.
        You are not weird. We all have things that we like. Remember my steaks and French fries?
        Fish? Yes if I eat it I want to have it cooked.
        Alive fish? You know what I did with papa’s fish 😊
        I had Korean barbecue. I liked it.

      • I don’t think steaks and fries are in the least bit weird. I love steak and fries, but I put green chile and cheese on my steaks and fries. You don’t find that a little weird? I remember your papa’s fish. You were a feisty, sassy, naughty girl, who grew up to be a very sweet, fiesty, sassy and very talented woman who holds on to a little bit of that naughtiness from her youth.

      • Yes we have been to Mexico. We rode a train from Nogalas, Mexico to Mazatlan for our honeymoon. That was a real adventure. Laurie’s dad arranged it. The was the first and last time I allowed anyone to make travel plans for me. I am not a control freak, but I when it comes to travel, I want to be in control and have maximum flexibility.

      • Oh, yes, I think we talked about that trip.
        I was in Mexico City and Acapulco and of course the pyramids. Anyway, the point I wanted to make is that in Mexico -with respect for regions/ the food seems very different from our Southwestern Mexican food – which differs from state to state too. Anyway I liked the food in Mexico City. Now, I may have been taken to places that I could handle. I do not plan trips. I hate to be the planner 😊 Once we get to a place I create plenty of commotion. I always try to deviate from the plan. Can you imagine the conversation? Me: oh, I don’t want to stick to the plan. I want to do something else today. Planning is so American 😊😊😊 I don’t
        mean to insult anyone. It’s just part of the cultural conversation. I take a lot of incoming fire too. My sometimes lack of discipline, nursing a coffee forever at a terrace in Europe.. we the Americans fought and liberated Europe – which is true- so you guys can linger at a terrace and wear Chanel 😊 Me: I am an American too πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

      • Exactly on the “I want to do X that’s not on the agenda today.” That is why I make a general outline for travel, but nothing definite other than getting there and getting home. Unless there are cooking classes. You don’t miss those. We were supposed to go somewhere in Aix en Provence one day, but when we got invited to a private art show just because I was adventurous to walk through a tunnel into someone’s yard and art studio where Laurie and I struck up a conversation with the owner, hit it off, and violΓ‘ we got invited to an art show and to meet the artist the next day. We did not do whatever class was doing that day, we went to the art show.

        It’s great to sit on a terraza, sip coffee, talk and watch the goings-on in Paris, Madrid, Rome wherever in Europe.

  4. Spunkie Poo πŸ’‹ stole the post!
    His under paw markings are delightful.
    Does “keeping us safe from monsters and evil spirits during the night” mean he kept you up all night?
    Love that lizard! Did your fan get fixed?

  5. Just another day at the ranch for you.. I could swear I saw a fish in the fan and I was waiting for the cats to get clobbered.. lucky miss lizzy wasn’t there with the cats.. would have been quite a catch!❣️

  6. That was a big lizard. I enjoy your narrative lines with the kitties they always make me laugh. They are so sweet. You can tell they have a truly rough life. haha I might want to be adopted. Always love to see how the critters are doing. Hugs to you two. Love Joni

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