72 thoughts on “Pretty Bee Fly For An Orange Guy

    • I’ve never seen a chem trial like that before. It was really out there. That was the first time I had seen a black-tailed bee fly, also. Thanks, Dale.

    • You’ll have to be on the look out for them. That’s the first one I’ve seen. Thanks, Brian. How’s you prop building going? Or are you setting them up?

      • We will start setting up the week of the 19th. Right now we are in non stop production build of new props for this year’s haunt. Brother coming down tomorrow to help. Pretty much have both my 3D printers going 24×7, soldering circuits from sunup to sundown and then putting the products through stress tests to make sure they make it through whatever weather the night has in store without stopping, burning up, exploding or worse. Last year it absolutely poured the entire day and night for one of the three days of the event – very stressful, but after we figured out a couple of blown GFIs all was good. Won’t have a lot of time for my own posts until after the event – thankfully got through a lot of them last weekend during the dog show.

      • I’m impressed with your dedication. Two 3D printers is impressive also. They are cool, but not something I’ve cared to get into.

      • Absolutely essential to have them in this hobby, but can be daunting to get into if you are new to the concepts – spent my years of higher learning and as a result a large part of my IT career in solid modeling (3D representation) of our yellow babies making the haunt modeling a whole lot easier ha. Brother is a math, EE, nuclear physicist whiz and always willing to come down and help me out when I get stuck (especially when I’m concerned about something blowing up – these LiPo batteries are a bit sketchy. When I need help on the structural or linkages side I can lean on my other brother who is a ME and hydraulics specialist (also retired from the yellow family).

      • We can call you Mellow Yellow. That’s a lot of brain power and skill going into your haunt. That’s a lot better and more rewording than sitting around watching reruns.

    • Thanks, snowflake. It was really a pleasant surprise when I walked out of the house. Our painter going minimalist on us.

  1. The fat chemtrail/contrail is similar to the trail left by a missile launch. Since you’re not far from the missile range, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a missile launch. Target could be somewhere in the Nellis bomb range or further out into the Pacific.

    • There are no proving grounds east of us that I know of. The missile range is 200 miles south. But it was certainly not a normal looking contrail.

  2. The yellow color of the sunflowers are so intense…absolutely beautiful. And that is some contrail; I’ve never seen one that wide. AND you’ve introduced me to an insect I’ve never heard of before—a bee fly…quite a handsome fellow.

    • These all came up on there own. We have planted fancy sunflowers in the past, but not in many years. Thanks, Julie.

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