My New Lens Is A Phone

I was going to buy a ultra-wide-angle lens for my Fuji XE-1 that I used to use as a carry camera. But the 10-24mm zoom lens is quite large, which makes it not as desirable to carry when I’m also carrying the Bazooka on a 7D Mark II body, and the 70-200mm zoom lens a 5Ds body. I have been using my iPhone XE for all street photography and wide-angle photos, stitching together panoramas for ultra-wide-angle shots. I finally decided that since an iPhone 12 Mini was the same price as a Fuji 10-24mm lens, I might as well upgrade my iPhone to the iPhone 12 Mini. The 12 Mini is the same form factor as the old iPhone 5, which is my favorite style of iPhone case, and the camera has wide-angle and super-wide-angle. The iPhone 12 Pro has telephoto, also, but I have the Bazooka and the iPhone 12 is bigger than I like.

What’s really nice with the iPhone 12 Mini is the “Portrait” setting works for any abject or critter as you can see in the photos of the kitties and the America Rose above. The “Portrait” setting on my iPhone SE only worked on human faces. When I tried using it on the cats, or anything else, it said “No faces recognized” and would not take a photo. I’m really happy with the camera on the iPhone 12 Mini.

All photos below were shot with the Bazooka 400mm lens on a Canon 7D Mark II body.

Tiny butterfly.

62 thoughts on “My New Lens Is A Phone

    • You are welcome, Gabriela. Thanks for checking in. The kitties send purrs, hugs and kisses. The owls send peeps and hoots.

  1. This spring I have used only my X.r for flower photos and have found a new freedom.
    I love the range you have shown us in all the images. You made a great choice.
    There have been times this spring I have wondered if/when phones will replace dSLRs.

    • Does your Xr have a telephoto lens? I never use the virtual telephoto on the phone because quality suffers. Doing regular wide-angle and then cropping on the computer gives much better quality. The telephoto could be handy on the phone, but I don’t like big phones.

      I find the phone camera is much more responsive and accurate than the mirrorless cameras I’ve had and have. I can see phones replacing mirrorless cameras, which the manufacturers are trying hard to replace DSLRs with. But I don’t see the mirrorless cameras replacing DSLRs for serious super telephoto photography for awhile. I find the phone camera is really convenient for general photography. You can probably tell the difference in large prints, but I rarely print anymore.

      • Hi, Tim. No, the X.r does not have a telephoto lens. I do the same as you – crop for the same effect. I rarely print these days, and if I plan to I will use my real camera.
        I love the freedom of the phone camera, which I also find responsive. I like that I can share images almost immediately! It is lightweight, a huge bonus for me.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images. ๐Ÿฆ‰

  2. I love all the photos but most especially the mini black panthers!!

    Morticia is solid black except for 2 really large thick white whiskers which seemed to appear from nowhere. Thx for the reminder to try the big camera!!

  3. This was so fun! The kitties are darling…and well you know how I feel about the moon and owls. โค๏ธ
    Thank you Tim for this post. And congratulations on your new โ€œredโ€ phone!

  4. Bazooka or iPhone, it’s the eye behind the lens and these are all gorgeous!
    Wishing you a great week ahead, as I’m sure mine will be after these treats! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The iPhone 12 mini is spectacular. I have an XR and Don has the iphone 11. I didnโ€™t like the photos taken by the 11 so have been putting off upgrading. But your photos are simply spectacular, Tim. Although, I think that the photographer brings out the photos and the iphone is there just to be the conduit. A wonderful way to begin my week. Your kitties are lovable, although I did spot the mischievous glint in their eyes. Thank

    • Thanks, Rebecca. It’s nice we have so many options these days. All tools we use for the art. We make the best use of what we have at any given time.

  6. These are awesome shots! Isnโ€™t it great to have so many options available these days when it comes to taking photos. Have fun. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. Apple probably had an overstock supply of iPhone 5 bodies. You’re making good use of the gallery templates in the block editor. WP may soon call you a block editor success story. If they do, make sure they give you a handsome enumeration package. (Let’s see if the WP geeks know their vocabulary, lol.)

    • Hi David. Since I seem to have no choice but to use the blockhead editor, I’ll make use of what’s available. The gallery template in the new BH editor is not as nice in the previous editor. But it is what it is.

  8. Stunning collection Timothy and us mobile photography is a lot fun too… I also use it as a sketch book … have a creative day ~ sending you joy hedy โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ซ

  9. Thanks for the tip!
    I’m still using an IPhone 6s.
    I have been thinking about upgrading… never heard of the mini.
    If I can’t shoot faces what’s the point?
    Spunki-Poo ๐Ÿ’‹ has stolen the show, again!

    • Hi Resa. If you like the iPhone 6s size and form, then you would like the iPhone 12 Mini. It’s in the same case, but you don’t have the button on the bottom so the whole face is mostly screen, but in it’s still a very handleable size. I don’t like the longer phones with rounded edges. They are hard to handle and slip out of your hands much too easily. Spunk always steals the show.

      • Agree about larger phones being annoying to handle. Well, the 6s is still working for me, but when it is time to upgrade, it’s good to know there is a mini option! Thank you, Tim!
        Spunkie-Poo ๐Ÿ’‹ is very photogenic!

  10. Wow Tim these are just amazing!! Love the iPhone kitty shots .. soo many gorgeous pics! And the owls and birds … wowee! And I do believe that you might be having fun with the new editor ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Julie. Since I can put galleries together, it makes it easier to present a lot of photos as a group, but it is still much more time consuming to put a post together, and the formatting is never quite right. When I set it to center captions and it does not center them when published, so I have to use paragraph blocks if I want captions centered, etc. I really hate the block editor, but I have no choice.

    • Thanks, Teagan. I traded in the iPhone 12 and got an iPhone 13 Pro because it has LiDAR which helps with night photography. I do most of my photos with the iPhone these days.

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