Peony Moon

At 5:18 am Wednesday morning, I should be able to see and photograph the Super Flower Blood Moon, which will be a full lunar eclipse. We have had two days and one night of crystal clear skies. The forecast is for clear skies tomorrow, but clouds on Wednesday. The big question is will the sky be clear between 2:47 am when the eclipse begins, and 6:02 am when the moon sets on Wednesday morning? We’ll see. In the meantime, I present you with our first fully bloomed Peony and the moon at 97.7% full.

65 thoughts on “Peony Moon

  1. Fully bloomed Peony is gorgeous! So is the 97.7% illuminated Moon. I hope you get clear skies at the time of the eclipse. We don’t get to see it here at all. πŸ˜”

    • It’s a pretty one. We have a white and a pink that will bloom soon. Thanks, Dale.

      • Ooh lovely! I have basically a blank canvas to work with at this house. There are things I want to rip out and then let my imagination go…

      • Go go go Dalezilla! I can feel those good vibrations of your imagination slipping into gear all the way down here. I can’t wait to see the wonderful results.

      • Ahhhh welll… It will be a slow process! There is much work to be done. But I shall share, for sure.

      • Because he had beautiful ones in his garden. And when he was in the hospital, we brought him some every day, to comfort him, to show him that they were still beautiful, and that his garden was waiting for him. He appreciated that, but he never saw his garden again…

  2. That is a beautiful peony, and I am looking forward to seeing the moon through your lens. We are getting much needed rain here, which may continue into the morning on Wednesday.

    • Thanks, Brian. Sleepy will probably be hopping around in trees at 5:18 am. All the owlets have flown into the bosque.

  3. Peonies are gorgeous, one of the most beautiful flowers.
    Fab shot, Tim!
    I was always a bit nervous about Peonies, because of the ants. I have nothing against ants, unless they get into my home. We had an ant invasion about 8 years ago. It was nuts. They were here, there & everywhere. I even found some in the bed. UCH!
    I called the exterminator/destroyer… uch again. I asked him if he was going to destroy (how awful) the host anthill. He laughed and told me these were black street ants. The main hill was under the street’s cement somewhere. He said we’d have to dig up the street.
    WELL, after 3 summers of ant inconvenience, the city dug up the street around the corner, to install new streetcar tracks. Nowhere as loud and long as what I’m going through now.
    The ants disappeared!!!!
    He was right.
    Seriously, I do not miss them.
    OH… the old horror movie about giant ants is “THEM”!

    • Hi Resa, the peonies and ants have a good deal going between them. We get ant fests every summer. We have to keep everything in ant proof containers. And it we have to leave anything out that will attract the ants, we put a moat around it. Ants can’t swim very well.

    • Each month the full moon has a different name. It’s a super moon if it’s as close to the earth as it will be for any given cycle.

      • I found the names. I knew about the Harvest Moon, but this is the first time I heard about the other names. YIKES! Thank you, Tim.

      • They are interesting and why some are called what they are is more interesting.

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